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digital projection outside of a window shooting on B&W 35mm

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I'm shooting a short film on B&W 35mm (this is a strict decision of the director and I- it's set in the 1960s are we feel that shooting film is crucial to this story). We have quite a few scenes in a 'beach house' set where the windows look out onto the ocean. We will need to digitally project an ocean outside the windows but my concerns are -


how do we get the brightest image so that the outside is overexposed than the inside? I know I will have to shoot wider open so the projector overpowers the light sources inside.


we are thinking of putting up a giant white muslin around the outside of the windows and doing something similar to what Claudio did on Oblivion.


the only problem being that we can't afford 21 projectors. Perhaps only two or three.


Does anyone have any better ideas for this? Is front projection the best way to go?


Thank so much.



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You may also hit issues of synchronisation with the projectors; I'm not sure what was done for Oblivion. Otherwise, what you're proposing sounds reasonable; my concern, as yours, would be brightness. When you say "three projectors", are we talking about three projectors:




...like that, or three projectors:




...like that?



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What the other Phil said - looks doable but if your going to light a large area with video projection your going to need a very bright and expensive to hire projector.


Lots of variables really in terms of how big the projection screen needs to be. If the area is small you might get away with a smaller data projector. Also how bright do you what to make the EXT in the shot - if you want it several stops overexposed thats going to burn up lumens.


The other issue is going to be that its B/W are you planning on shooting Double-X? Might be easier if you went with colour 5219 and converted to B/W in post - then you could push it to 1000ASA and wouldn't need the projector to be as bright. Of course if your working with colour stock then you get the option of green screen which might work out cheaper if you have a very large window.


Both ways could be the right one - but depends on layout of the location and what you can afford in terms of projector power.

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