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I'd like to know your thoughts on rain coats for cameras. Do most of you keep some sort of rain cover in your kit? Do you find yourself shooting exteriors in the rain often or is it a rare thing? What do you think is important to look for in a rain cover?


Thank you.

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I'm in Ireland and it rains a lot, you can have all four seasons in just 12 hours


Hence, we have rain covers for the cameras which are actually very simple.


1) Get a long piece of a transparent plastic sheet (usually there is one side which is open and the other three are closed)


2) Put it over your camera with all the accessories that you want to use.


3) Cut a little hole for the viewfinder and maybe the card reader (although I don't like that as there are more chances for the water to enter)


4) Use velcro and more plastic to create flaps for those holes.


5) Cut a hole where your mattebox is.


6) Put velcro around the hole so it can be attached to the mattebox.


7) Put velcro in the open part so you can close the plastic sheet.


And that's all, a fantastic rain cover!


Have a good day!

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Miguel, thank you so much for the response. If you get the chance, I'd love to see a photograph of your cover, especially detail around where you are attaching the viewfinder and matte box.

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we use 2 types of rain cover


1. a clear garbage bag,

cut open one of its sealed sides, but leave a little bit at the corner

then use binder clips to clip the flat end (the cut open end) to the matte box


if needed, you can cut a hole for the cinetape,

but the bag will cover the operator as well, or leave him uncovered if that's their preference


this is also useful for blood squibs or any crud, because you throw away the bag after


2. a modified shower curtain - i've attached a picture of what i used

same thing as a garbage bag, but the plastic is heavier


it's more suitable for a dolly or stationary set up, because the operator and the AC are covered nicely

some people may not like the magnets or the metal grommets that come with the curtain, so use them scissors


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I am Los Angeles based AC.

I do keep my rain cover on my kit, but LA does not rain alot, I usually keep my gears simple and leave it at home.

I will bring it over if I know we would deal with special effects, it comes very handy.

I personally don't like camera rain covers specifically made for camera where rental houses usually have, they are not convenient, too many unnecessary velcros, not easy to wrap and unwrap.

When I travel out of state, where usually it rains alot more than LA, I'd bring it on my kit.

I always like clear plastic, you can see the buttons on camera.

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Hi Michaela,


Thank you for that information. I agree, I don't like the manufactured rain covers and would prefer something simpler. I also work in Los Angeles, so have had very little use for one. Even when I worked in NY, we moved to a cover set on the rain days we had (though a tarp was used to cover camera and gear if it ever drizzled). I appreciate your tip about using clear plastic, thanks.

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