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All useful for writing the story, includes many of the latest blockbusters:


A ton of movie story structures at https://www.youtube.com/user/clickokDOTcoDOTuk/videos


2015 Academy Award Winner / Nominees at



2014 Academy Award Winner / Nominees at



All Best Films at



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as I said @ donedealpro discussion board, the problem with these analysis is that they offer a kind of retrospective work, pointing out the elements that worked as an outcome of some rule that's been applied.


It's too easy to do that AFTER.


Why haven't I come across a single book reporting the whole process of wirting a movie, from the concept to the contract. A journal, a chronicle of how a story was composed.


THAT would be helpful.

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The problem is describing the writing of a script as it's being written probably isn't the most interesting read, with lots of blind alleys being explored . Combined with the good chance it'll not get made into a film at the end of the day. plus all the politics involved, script editors and others who are part of the process.


William Goldman does write about the issues and what can go wrong, although after the event. Frederic Raphael put out a book about writing "Eyes Wide Shut" which does enter into the conflicts and ego clashes.

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