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Auto shut off after 3 seconds (add expletives, good ones)

David Edward Keen

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So in video mode on my t3i, after 3 seconds or so, sometimes after more time, it stops recording and tells me " The recording was stopped automatically."


I was told the read/write speed on my SD card us too low, get a faster card.


I did. It was fine. Then, just as I yell action, boom. Same crap.


So I don't get it. Neither do the talent.


I was considering tapping the camera with a sledgehammer, but then I thought of Mr. Rogers, so I thought I'd ask youz guys

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I had put Magic Lantern on the camera, and I was unsure whether reformatting the card would erase it. I've read lotsa folks pressed "Q" thinking that's what avoids erasing ML when reformatting, as it seems the camera instructs, so I hesitate to press Q.


Also, what is FAT16 and FAT32,and how do I evaluate which if those my t3i's in?


Can't I just yell at the camera to work?

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FAT is the file system on the card proper (File Allocation Table), and will dictate how large each file can be, on 16 it's 1gb per file and on 32 it's 4, on exFAT there is no real limit. However, as you are using ML, there is a good chance you have the settings set far too high on it for your data recording and you're filling up the buffer of the camera or something like that, causing it to stop working. The camera isn't designed to work with the hack and of course the hack can cause it to well-- not work. I would ask on the ML forums honestly.

You will need to, i believe, format the card whenever you want to put in a new one... but again the specifics of ML is something i've never had to get into.

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