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Exposing Slog 3 [a7s ii]

Vivek Venkatraman

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If you want to record sLOG on the A7S, I'd recommend the new Ninja Flame - $1,200 from Atomos. You'll not only get 8-bit 4:2:2 (instead of 4:2:0, but the 7" display is Rec.709, and the Flame/Inferno series includes built in monitoring LUTs that convert the sLog to Rec for viewing purposes. it still records the sLog in the recorder. They also have HDR monitoring.

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I have yet to use the Sony F55 but a number of people seem to set the ASA of the camera to its base 1250 ASA but then expose it for 800 or 1000 ASA, which suggests to me that Sony wants to hold more headroom in S-Log but people are finding it necessary to give the image more exposure -- either because their S-Log-to-Rec.709 viewing signal to the monitors doesn't push the whites back up enough so at 1250 ASA, it feels a little dim in the highlights, or because they want more shadow detail.



From what I know and often do myself with Slog3.cine because the camera in Cine EI will always record the actual picture at native ISO .. 1250 F55/2000 F5.. people will rate the camera at 1000 /800 or so to deliberately over expose to give a better SNR as the 6 stops highlight over grey, is very often not needed.. so might as well give up 1 stop of highlight and get more lower down.. the only toe in the Slog curves is in the shadow.. there is not shoulder in the highlights .. its giving the same data for every stop above grey..

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