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Underexpose with Canon 5D

Francesco Glavina

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I would suggest using a conservative ISO rating like 100-400 ISO and exposing for the look that you want. There will be noise if you use a high ISO rating or try to bring up the dark shots in post. So if there is any possibility that you will want to lighten the shot later, then do as Robin says and expose brighter than you want the final image to look since it is easier to darken a shot in post than it is to bring it back up.


That said, when shooting with DSLRs or other cameras with highly compressed recording formats, I try to shoot as close to the final look in-camera as possible so that the footage goes through a minimum of transcoding steps. These 7D frames are from a short I shot called 'Leonard's Girlfriend is Dead' about five years ago. We used Neutral picture profile, these are straight out of the camera.









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Keep your contrast reasonable and expose to the right. With DSLRs, you'll also want to keep the sensor cool. If you can power down between takes, or alternate between two camera bodies, you can lose a lot of the fixed pattern noise.

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