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Quick (stupid) questions for a RED baby

Max Field

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I'm going insane because Google isn't giving me the answers I need, sorry to drag it on here.


What is the Battery life from a RED Brick when hooked up to a RED One MX?


Is a RED hard drive something other than a standard 2.5" solid state in a case?


And lastly, Does the RED One MX, with most updated firmware, really take 90 seconds to boot up?


Thank you, to everyone.

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Yes, the original Red drives were RAID0 hard drives connected to the camera with a Lemo cable, so it was a completely proprietary recording system. If you can get a Red MX with a SSD side module instead, then you can use the more common SSD Redmags.


Can't remember what the battery life of a single Red Brick was with the MX, but it wasn't great. It was short enough that I was always calculating when I could shut the camera down between setups to save juice. 90 second boot up sounds about right, but it's been a long time since I've used that camera. In the early days of the Red One it was more like 2 minutes.

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