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Several days ago, I asked Satsuki about how they knew the Sun will appear at a particular spot in one of the scenes in Satsuki’s reel.


I was aiming to find out if Satsuki was using any of the Sun-tracking apps.


There are a few which seem to be really popular, especially with photographers.


One of them is PhotoPills, currently available only for iOS, but there is an Android version in the works (if I remember correctly, by the end of the year it will hit Play Store). The app is $9.99 in the App Store:




It looks gorgeous.


Its competitor is the Sun Surveyor app, available both for Android and iOS. It’s $7.99 in the Play Store:




Looks great, too.


Another similar one, available on both platforms is The Photographer’s Ephemeris, which also has a free Web app:




Satsuki mentioned Sun Seeker.




Then there's the Set Lighting Technician, $5.99, which provides specifications for most frequently used lights on set. Available for both platforms, though one commentator in the Play Store says that the iPhone version has more information.


So I was wondering are there any other apps, of any other type, which you use and which are useful in your job?

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I use Sun Seeker just because it happens to be the one that I keep using all the times and because it works great.




I also use Artemis, which is a director's viewfinder app so I can line up everything first without having to move the camera.




Have a good day.

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Then there’s weather – tons of apps, tons of them useless.


The one I saw a lot of people praise is Dark Sky, now available on Android, too. Google Play is even advertising it on its front page:



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I use the following (iPhone, some of them have Android versions):








Sun Surveyor



ARRI App (Not that I use ARRI... but it tells me what I should be using...)




INRIX -- freeway and city street congestion indications... especially in LA...


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I've been using sun seeker for a few years now. I like it when it works. I can take a picture of the sun path on a scout and save it so I know when it'll come between two buildings or what time we will get sun or lose it a few months later. Since I work in NY, it comes in handy because of working around skyscrapers. But sometimes it gets confused or malfunctions. When it malfuctions it seems like it is not aligned right. I have used it on an iPhone 4s and 5s. I have never been sure if it was a app problem or iPhone OS problem. I will try some of the others.





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