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16mm Arri SR2 Video Tap

Hayden Mason

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Hey guys,


So I've recently purchased an old SR2 modded to shoot super 16. It's a solid package but the only thing missing is a video tap.

I've contacted a guy that used to build Jurgens taps and he has the parts but it can get pretty costly.


My other idea is to purchase another camera I have found (An SR1 with a tap) and install it in my SR2. The price would be far better taking this route.


The bodies are almost identical as far as i know on the viewfinder/eyepiece side of things. My only concern is that the tap on the SR1 won't cover super 16. I know the old Jurgens taps would cover both but I am not sure about this one. The wonderful gentleman who is selling the SR1 has been kind enough to send me a video detailing the camera.


Here's my dilemma:

The tap isn't labeled and my google research to identify it (and get specs on whether it will cover S16) have come up short.


Does anyone know what this tap is, its history, and if it covers S16 or not? (images attached: apologies for the quality. They were taken from a youtube link)






Thanks everyone!

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Someone may recognize the tap from the fuzzy photos and answer. You could also get any specs from the seller, or written on the side of the unit, that might provoke recognition.


Otherwise, the field of view shown on the monitor from the tap, how much spare room is there outside the frame? If that is generous maybe you are fine. The increase in minimum image circle (use the frame diagonal) frame is only about 13% from 16 to S16. Can will see that in a snapshot from the monitor. The seller can send you that.

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Thanks Gregg!


Yea I have done my best to get any info, but according to the seller there is no writing on the unit. He thinks it is Arri, but google turned up nothing.

I will do my best to get an image on the monitor all hooked up and operational.


Thanks for the info sir.

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So, I'm attaching a bit of a clearer image of the tap and a couple of images of the monitor with the tap turned on.

The seller didn't have a lens so it is a bit hard to make out the frame guides from the ground glass but I have done my best to highlight them here. There seems to be a bit of distance between the marks for 4:3 and the edge of frame. I'm not sure if this helps.


Thanks again for any help guys! I definitely appreciate it and my apologies for my ignorance.





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I don't really know the taps, video assist units for these. I was just trying to help out with some common sense. You could PM Dom Jaeger or Mitch Gross, in case they missed your post and wanted to help.


The pic from the monitor looks like you have plenty of coverage, though the frame line and TV safe look almost invisible. But there may be other issues. What will you have to swap over from the SR1, the whole viewfinder, handle, tap? Any probs there.


The guy making the Jurgens tap parts probably could have answered all the questions.

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I don't recognize the tap, could be 3rd party or a modified CCD surveillance cam like many early taps.


You might be able to space the tap further away to increase coverage. There's a box of old B/W Pulnix and Sony CCD taps out the back of the rental house where I work that have spacers and sometimes extra optics to increase coverage. Before my time, so I'm not familiar with them.


I do know that they're pretty crummy in terms of image quality. Don't expect to accurately pull focus off something like that, if that's what you're hoping. They were really just helpful for framing steadicam or crane shots. You'll probably need to spend some time and money screwing around to get it working, source an SD monitor, 11-pin Fischer power cable etc. If you need to swap over the whole viewfinder T-bar you're starting to get into potential complications. So make sure you really need a crappy video split before you go down this path. ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks Dom! Excellent info. I've discovered the name of the tap: Black Widow...anyone have any experience? Apparently it covers S16


Oh yea this would definatley be for stedicam use, or for directors/clients who demand to see picture on set (until they inevitably get tired of looking at it)


Definatley a non essential component but useful in some situations none the less. Nothing I would pay a fortune for.

I appreciate it guys!

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