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Chasing the Work to Georgia

Steven P. Denny

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For years I said I would never "chase the work". However, the incentives have bottomed out here in Texas and production is damn near non-existent.


Just looking for ya'lls thoughts; pro and con. How would you approach and plan for this desperate choice?


I'm considering leaving my family here in Austin, moving into a crappy, cheap apartment outside Atlanta to see If I can't land a few operating jobs in the next few months.


An AD friend of mine, who relocated from Austin to Georgia several months ago, wrote me last night and said: "You should come this way. It’s a bounty unlike anything you have ever seen. Camera is always in demand as there is a shortage. Currently we have 41 shows going on here simultaneously. A new show lands and inquires about every 3 to 5 days."


If I remember, isn't there a "grace period" under the IATSE Local 600 bylaws that says when one relocates, you cannot do union work for a certain number of weeks/months? Does anyone know what that time frame is?


Any insight or experience with this topic will be appreciated.


Thank y'all...



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You don't have to re-locate do you? Just keep your Texas license and address for now and find work first. Once you've settled, then you can figure out a more permanent residence. I know many people from Los Angeles whose families are here, but they live out of a suitcase 6 months of the year on location. Not an ideal situation, but there is absolutely a need for good workers in Georgia right now, according to my friends.


The other option is New Mexico, there are quite a few productions shooting there as well and it's a bit closer to Texas.


Chasing work is always a problem, but if the position you currently work is important to you, then you've gotta go where that position is needed.

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