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Star wipes, cube spins & other "fancy" transitions

Richard Swearinger

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Does anyone use the many animated transitions that come included with editing software in their moneymaking work?


There are dozens of explosions, confetti bursts, peels, wipes, smears, shears, rolls, and flips in my system and I can buy hundreds more online if I want. But I'm pretty much a dissolve guy with the very occasional dip to white or black. Am I just boring and missing opportunities to make my work better?


Are any of these transitions useful in ways that I'm not thinking of for enhancing serious documentary or narrative work?



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Transition packs are mad tacky. They might've been cool in the 80's or something. They scream "I just got windows movie maker". If I have to do picture transitions for a wedding video or something I manually find creative ways to get one pic dancing to the next.


If you're confused on what I mean by that I could post a sample video later.


Dissolving/fading is the only one that isn't ugly to me.

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Hahaha i love this topic and i Love that second response, yeah man, they are mad tacky for sure. Like... Painfully tacky. For transitions, I actually try and film everything with a transition in mind, always try and start and stop my shot with a transition in case i decide i need it in post. I can show you exactly what I mean in the attached link. I have literally never found a "downloaded" transition pack that I have ever considered using haha


Video Link: http://www.freshfinishmedia.com/canadian-filmmaker-washington-election/

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