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Arri's WFU-1/WZU-1 Wireless Lens Control?

Mark Kenfield

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Hi guys,

I've just bought an Alexa, and want a personal Wireless Follow Focus system to use when needed (and when production can't afford to shell out for a proper Preston or current WFF).

Since the camera has the Plus module on it, I figured I might as well try and find an Arri system that would be compatible with it, and I've stumbled across the old Arri "MkII" system, which comprises of:


- WFU-1 Iris / Focus Unit

- WZU-1 Zoom Control

- WMU-1 Transmitter

- URM-1 Receiver
- UMC-1 Universal Motor Control

- 3x Lens Motors


Obviously, they're pretty old school nowadays, and I've struggled to find much in the way of user reviews/commentary online. So I was wondering if anyone could speak to the system's merits/lack-thereof?



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It is not bad at all, it obviously lacks all the new technologies from the newest models but you can keep everything in focus with it! :)

I used to have it as a backup for the different Prestons / Scorpios in a lot of movies and commercials in Spain back in the old days and when it was needed it worked perfectly.


I have no idea if it works on an Alexa Plus without the transmitter, but if it does, I would buy this one rather than the older Preston FIZ.


Probably it does! :) I'm pretty sure that Greg could tell you a bit more about it :)


Have a good day.

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Thanks guys. I'm getting the feeling the seller was getting a little cheeky with saying 'the kit if fully compatible with the Alexa Plus' - I reckon he means when run through the URM-1 (which would make the system compatible with ANY camera), rather than specifically with the actual Plus module itself.

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Also check out the SXU-1 single channel system if it's just for times that the production can't afford FIZ I feel like that's why the single channels exist.


It's compatible with Arri and 3rd party cameras with the UMC recievers.

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