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what is the means of "X" in kodak Tri-X 400 film?


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"X" was used for Kodak product names before Tri-X came out, such as Panatomic-X and Plus-X. One explanation might be in this Wiki entry (just a guess on my part):



In 1920, a variant of Type F film known as X-back was introduced to counteract the effects of static electricity on the film, which can cause sparking and create odd exposure patterns on the film. A resin backing was used on the film, which rendered the film too opaque to allow focusing through the back of the film, a common technique for many cameras of that era. The X-back stock was popular on the east coast of the US.

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I want to know the means of the letter "X" in the kodak Tri-X film. thanks!


It is just from ancient marketing. Kodak came to using X as a strong sounding term for an enhanced basic BW film. Later they came up with:






Where it mostly relates to ASA rating being multiple X

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