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Shooting Forced Perspective

Chris Saul

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I have a job coming up and I need to shoot a Model Semi truck outside and make it feel like it's actually life size. I think the model is 1/14 to scale. ( I think it's about 10'' tall and 2' long). We have a shot where we have it pull up to a Gas Station and we pull out to reveal that it's actually a toy all in the same shot. I've never done any forced perspective and I was wondering if anyone has any tips to help me get started? I'm thinking of using an Innovision Probe 2 lens and stopping down a lot. Wondering if I should look into tilt shift lenses as well? I plan to use an Alexa Mini but wondering if the sensor is too big and my depth of field might be too shallow? Also wondering if art department will need to build any small sets to actually make this work. It does sound like the director wants to shoot outside in real locations. Here's a link to the type of model we'll be using.


Love any advice on this.




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I also suggest over-cranking to give the truck the appearance of more mass when it moves. I don't know what the scale is but the ideal formula is F√R where F= the base frame rate and R = model scale, like 20/1. So if you have a 20th scale model and plan for 24fps, that would be 24√20 or 107fps. Of course, if people are going to be in the same shot, you just have to deal with the truck's motion feeling "small".

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