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Negative Fill solutions.

Alexander Sutton Hough

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I am looking to get grip gear for my own kit that can fit in my car for small and low budget projects. Right now I am trying to figure out a good option for a 48x96 flag floppy for the use of flagging and but most importantly for negative fill.


A regular floppy doesn't fit in my car. The alternative options I have found are Matthews 48x48 Road Rag and Westcott Scrim Jim 4x4. The problem with this is a brand new floppy at Filmtools or B&H Photo is only $140. While Matthews 48x48 Road Rag and Westcott Scrim Jim 4x4 is going to cost $300-400. Way to much for a Floppy.


The other alternative is a Westcott 4x6 collapsible reflector black block. But the fabric is to reflective for my taste with negative fill.


Does anyone have some suggestions of what I should get?



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the photoflex frames are useful and inexpensive.

If you need something that can grip in different orientations you can make something like a Scrim Jim


and get a flip flop ear or cardellini.

Advantage Grip and Matthews have removeable 4x4 rags, or make a 39x39" frame to fit Photoflex rags.

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Advantage Grip's 'EZ Travel' breakdown 4x4 would be my suggestion.


I bought the kit, & supplemented it with some additional diffusion, & floppy, 'slippers, plus a third frame.


Bought the bits from Adorama, & BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters, as their prices were less than listed on Advantage Grip's site. Might be worth contacting them directly as it seems many Grip companies sell their wares below list.


A breakdown 4x4, & floppy slipper costs about $185 before shipping.

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