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  1. C-stand knuckle on left should have the T-Grip on camera side C-stand knuckle on right should have T-grip on wall side When you look at the Knuckle, the load should always be on the right side as the weight of the load will work in your favor to tighten the knuckle. (Righty tighty)
  2. If you can't transport long pieces then I suggest getting a couple 2x4 and cut them at Lows or HD to 5.5' then get 2 more pieces and put them on each side of the joint and screw it all together,
  3. 8 ball says "Highly Likely" it will collapse.
  4. The add on bracket requires the wheel conversion kit also- $255.00 just for the C-stand bracket plus the cost of the wheel conversion if you don't already have that. I have a few guys that switch out to beefy baby stands with a C-Stand Grip head and Arm for easier transpo in cars. Still a pain if yer humping equipment alone.
  5. Of course it is going to be lighter than a Mole Jr 2k and lighter than the old Arri Studio 2k. Ya can get Baby 2k from Mole that is lighter than the Arri T2 Mole Type 4132 16lbs Arri T2 22lbs
  6. I think it's just ambient daylight/evening light using Tungsten film. Could be HMI to fill in through the windows. Look how blue the opening scene is but the porch light is "correct" color temp.
  7. LEE might have what you are looking for http://www.leefilters.com/lighting/zircon.html#zircon-diffusion
  8. For the LED boxes they use some sort of heavy vellum type of material - not the normal diffusion seen on their other soft boxes. they call them Light Screens "Included standard is a 30 degree lens screen that offers a medium-level of light control and very light diffusion. Optional screens and fabric grids are available for increased control."
  9. they're all the same really- they come from the same place before they're sewn up in to the various sizes. You could also just buy a roll of velcro strip material and put some on your 4x fame and then buy Westcott fabrics. https://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/S-12727/Hook-&-Loop-Tape/Tape-Strips-Loop-Black-1-x-75?pricode=WB0637&gadtype=pla&id=S-12727&gclid=Cj0KCQjwvOzOBRDGARIsAICjxof2DYdvUVy0FZBhTrj9p91s9Sv9Rd3K7cWRt7AG95_g9qxDWmkFASoaAvqmEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  10. You can get any rag in any size you want from various rag shops here. LA Raghouse is one. http://laraghouse.com/category/products/sewn-fabric-rags/ there has to be a shop in AU that deals with motion picture/theatrical rags.
  11. Westcott is the only one with the velcro on the frame and on the fabric so that you can stretch the fabric tight to the edge of the frame. The standard 4x rags use mason line type of ties to attach the rag to the frame. If you want to attach Gels to the breakdown 4x frame then you will have to tape them on like a regular fixed 4x frame.
  12. Most likely a Gobo in a Profoto Zoom Spot. same principle as a Source 4 but its a Photo flash lighting product.
  13. I'd check in at Paladin for pricing on stingers. Unless you are buying a spool of 12/3 and connectors in bulk their pricing is good. darrin@paladinhollywood.com Paladin 1001 N. POINSETTIA PL. WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA 90046 US Phone: (323) 851-8222 Fax: (323) 851-7328 $39.00 for 25' $52.00 for 50'
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