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What happened to look of movies

fatih yıkar

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OP, negative film is not as sharp as digital.


Digital can have a plasticky look, film is more granular and softer look.


I can't figure out how to post links to this forum, but I just put up some photos and links at my WordPress blog. 35mm negative film = about 3 or 4 mp with a point and shoot cam. that is how it is with still photos anyway. I am no expert with movie stock, so movies may be different. But I have it all documented with 'still' photos, so no arguing..it is what it proverbial is.


Maybe one of you can post the test links here. Just Google my name and the WordPress will show up. At the end of the blog post is a link that shows film versus digital tests.

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A little off topic, but still:


This funny but also sad picture from different rock-concert-audiences shows what´s wrong today:









Speaking of handsigns... Gene Simmons, of Kiss fame, apparently was thinking about trademarking a handsign which he claimed to have first used in the 1970s, as meaning 'rock on'.


Unfortunately it is also the ASL sign for 'Love(love you, etc.)'...



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