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  1. Don't worry, new halloween movie come out. All that budget,effort they can't even achieve similar lighting and also ıt's looks horribly digital
  2. Lovely work, Tyler can we see your students music videos? Is it uploaded youtube or vimeo? i really wondered especially photochemical one.
  3. If you have enough time please read all the things not just one part i hope people understand what i mean now :unsure: In summary as i know every decade movies looking and cinematography changes 60s,70s,80s,90s movies looking different than each other... and all that time we got an average,specific look of movies… In 90s movies shot on film (exr and first visions) and photochemically done as result we got average 90s film look with different styles In 00's movies shot on film(generally vision2/3) with digital grading especially after the 2005 and first digital cameras come out as the result we got average 00s look with different styles In 2010's movies shot digitally with digital grading or shot (vision3) with generally digital grading as the result we got average 2010's look with different styles These are the things that i learn, i can make mistakes Finally for me i'm thinking that the average look of 90s we got, looking much better,beautiful,filmic, cinematic than the average look of 00s and 2010s..I’m not talking about the movies quality like scprit directing acting etc… That's why i write all the time even a independent,low budget or just regular hollywood movie from 90s look better than nowadays best looking movies for example oscar nominees like best cinematography (Arrival,Moonlight,Silence,Lion,La la land) maybe la la land can be exception or last years movies, I’m choosing movies randomly (Reservoir Dogs,Swingers,Bottle Rocket,Bad Lieutenant,Dazed and Confused,True Romance,Office Space etc.) looking more filmic, pleasant,cinematic for me and these are not a really stylized,attentive movies. What i meant is that average look of movies quality is down.... this is i try to explain.... how can i be so brutal for example even the ‘’scary movie (2000)’’ looking more cinematic,filmic than (birdman,gone girl or the revenant) i know it’s a odd just making conclusion about the cinematography from movies look and not see the lighting or camera work but that’s i feel it…. When someone responding to me there are different lighting,different grading,different stylistic choice between 90s and nowadays movies I thinking well movies in 90s also has different ligting styles like the big lebowski,usual suspects,fight club has or different grading like saving private ryan,se7en,minority report,the crow,sleepy hollow has or different stylistic choice like scream,goodfellas,matrix,jacob's Ladder,lost highway,eyes wide shut has and none of the different grading, choices,ligting not create or destroy that movies cinematic look that people love, they still has unique filmic look… That’s why i’m insist lighting or stylistic choice not the problem that i see, because same dps same directors movies visually changed so much after digital revolution if they got the same style they will keep maintain… For example is anybody remember how David Cronenberg movies looking awesome in 80s and 90s like (videodrome,the fly,dead ringers,naked lunch, eXistenZ) and he generally works with same dp ‘’Peter Suschitzky’’ and his latest movies (A Dangerous Method- Cosmopolis- Maps to the Stars) looking different (for me not cinematic) nowadays.So what happend his dp or he changes his style or ’Peter Suschitzky’’ changing his lighting techniques when the age of 70, of course none of them happened… I don’t believe tastes are change.If the tastes changed when new si-fi movies come out like (passengers, the life, Alien:Covenant,blade runner 2049) people must be saying this’’ 2001,original blade runner,alien,’’ are much better movies but cinematographically i like the new movies’’ but they never say something like that they just say cgi and special effects are better nowadays.Even the most digital lovers accept original movies looking much better. We got 5 different ‘’alien’’ movies and i never saw a alien fan saying this ‘’well fincher’s alien looking bad or cameron’s looking terrible’’ visually no discussion happen like that because all the alien movies has that filmic look even with all that different styles Ridley,Cameron,Fincher,Jeunet has. That tastes look like changed because of big studios,companies,producers change the movies look by force(because ıt’s more cheaper and easier) and saying you’re gonna like it that digital look there is no big difference between film and digital there is no way another but i’m not a accepting this… I know that in 90s only 3 rgb lights exists but so many movie from that area has different looking they don't looking similar each other because of texture but now every movie coming from alexa has same texture no matter what how you grade,shot or use different lighting,lenses i still see the only one alexa image/texture that doesn't change… I don't know how to film has so much different diversity or creating different texture every time but it was happening more until the digital grading.I’m still amazed by Saving private ryan, Fifth element, American Pie shot on same stock and all of them has different look,texture but when i saw movies like Hacksaw Ridge, Arrival,Whiplash all the time i see same texture that alexa and digital gives and it’s not change by how different you grade or shot movie… Now when the people say film and digital has no difference i can't blame them because that's kind a true but if the movies still look like 90s movies people can't say there is no difference between film and digital. I think movies start to look digital before digital cameras come out with digital grading and modern stocks help them. These things became a transition period to digital cameras and people start to get use to that digital look and for me we lost the sense of how the movies should be look like the Roger Ebert said and people like me never like it new movies cinematography beacuse they don't look like movies that we know. In my opinion 90s movies has some kind of cinematic look that we forgot, they really has different texture,colors like more similar to organic colors that movies has in 40s,50s,60s,70s 80s skin tones always right, movies look more deep,has more texture,look more dimensional, they has intense looking that we can't have nowadays.That look can't change unless they making to much digital grading for blu-rays. I can only describe with these words because i’m not so knowledge with technical stuffs….. At now i’m bet when the new lotr series come out people still saying peter jackson’s are looking much better or new jumanji movie come out in 2 weeks and ıt’s looking much worse than original ‘jumanji’’ movie.. If you want to see that changes i noticing all time just start to watch harry potter movies or x-men movies. Just pick up 5 different movie from 90s and 5 different movie from 2010s watch them compare them…
  4. Under this topic i'm not debate an idea,i'm sharing my own thoughts... Btw I don't think i figure out a revelation . I'm not mad i'm just sad because you can't see the things what i see i'm just sorry for you. I don't have to prove myself or i don't need that somebody to tell me ''how truly genius you're'', ı'm just regular audience... After this before you making psychological judgments about someone else, don't do it to just about someone you know from the internet.... and how the topics come to here, i'm just saying digital grading and digital cameras making movies visually much worse and i'm giving the examples for my claim, showing the visually but you just writing stuff that about my personality and psychology. I'm just graduated and i'm bet you're much more knowledgeable and experienced than me about cinematography no doubt that.In the world tons of information needs to be learn i agree with you... Next day i will write a long answer and i hope you're going to understand my claim...
  5. For a god's sake i'm complain about misunderstood because so many people here don't understand what i mean even you don't understand. None of the things about lighting or grading here, i know scenes has different lighting but even if they have same lighting problem is not going to be fix. First movie look more cinematic with organic colors,more deep,has more texture,more dimensional with intense looking. I try to put similar identical shots because maybe people can understand that way the differences i see, i can easily pick up different shots from different scenes or movies but in that case you're going to say these are different movies different lighting,lenses,grading different dp's different stylistic choices That's why i pick up sequel movies or same the dp's work for to block that kind of answers..... ''you need to look similar cinematography.'' For example how can i find similar cinematography? can you give some advise? even that a sequel movie with same cast similar location doesn't have the similar cinematography and also before that i give other examples from scream,american pie,hostel movies and many of movies has same dp's.... I think small pictures doesn't exactly showing that's why people only focusing lighting and grading after that i'm going to put only one big picture. I know second picture has different ligthing...
  6. Yes Yes this is the right word i been looking for ''dimensional''. When i wrote movies shot on film and photochemically done looks so ''deep'' i meant ''dimensional''. That's why i say even the low budget, independent, not a nice looking movies from 90s,early 00s looking more cinematic,filmic than every movie come out nowadays. When the ''dimensional'' thing is lost i couldn't find images cinematic. Nowadays every movie looking flat for me even it was shot on film(a few exceptions) or digital.This thing not about the lens choice or stylistic choice....
  7. One of the best christmas movie ''bad santa 2003'' and digitally shot sequel movie ''Bad santa 2 2016'' I'm not saying second movie is good actually is bad but visually far behind the first one like the other sequels shot digitally nowadays and problem not just colors..
  8. Like the Charles said there, going a movie theater is an Experience. In old times many people just go to theater for that experience, not for one particularly chosen movie, they go,select randomly a movie and watch it. Inflation is main reason but why the ticket prices not drop after digital revolution? Dcp files more cheaper than $1500 film prints Even though digital projection is better than film projection, in my opinion theater should run film prints. You have to give me something that i can't get at home. Now 60 inches tv's are really cheaper and home theater projectors gives really beautiful images at 130 inches and prices getting drop every year. While the ticket prices are rising in theaters and now movie theaters has 10 or 15 small screen instead of one giant, big screen. Btw i always wonder how it looks MaxiVision 24 or 48 system, so many time Roger Ebert praise that. There are good articles about this subject... https://www.rogerebert.com/rogers-journal/thats-not-the-imax-i-grew-up-with https://www.rogerebert.com/scanners/digital-dilemmas-you-want-pixels-with-that
  9. Yeah this is another example, when i blame technology so many people here dont't agree with me but if digital technology not shows up hobbit movies would be look like the lord of the rings trilogy, such a good opportunity missed.... I been thinking is movies shot on film could be release on film-projected theaters before dcp release ... like the Tarantino make the roadshow for hateful eight only one day but if the movie only released film print and one or two month later release digitally in theaters, ıt will be prize for the theaters still run film projection... Also many people here complain about film prints damages,dust,scratches things like that but as i remember i saw many movies from prints when i was teenager and never saw a big problem like that, i asked couple of old projectionist about problems of prints, they told me we know all that risk about prints because of that we are so careful all the time and they said they run some film prints over than 300-500 times and ıt still has no scratches,dust or damages still looks brilliant, so how accurate things are about cons of film prints?
  10. Well ıt's look like they change the color for blu-ray, trailer looks different i don't watch the movie from theater so which one is the real color of movie trailer or blu-ray? anyway new movie not even close the first movie cinematography trailer -blu-ray
  11. My screenshots looks bad because of high compression, rules of 300 kb picture only be added. I think trailer looks more different, has different colors. And also everybody can look the movie from http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/T2-Trainspotting-Blu-ray/176402/#Screenshots here I'm not changing the color but programme i use for maybe has a little different settings...
  12. Colors looks different but problem is not just the color issue there are more things than that..... And i can't accept this answer all time the written '' stylistic choice''.... If everything is stylistic choice how the people make decisions about this movie look good,cinematography is amazing, lighting so perfect I mean if say something or criticize a movie, everybody can say this '' this is a stylistic choice'' ''that's why my movie look so digital, that's why color looks dissatisfied, that's why movie is too grainy because this is my ''stylistic choice''...
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