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Hello all!

I'm new to this website and am excited to make my first post!

I am going to be working on a project soon and want to shoot super 16mm. I have been looking at cameras online to buy and have come across some decently priced Aaton XTRs from various countries outside the U.S. My concern is that some sellers have mentioned that they are PAL cameras. Can anyone tell me if this will matter when shooting the film? I have heard mixed opinions about it just referring to frame, rate in which case I can adjust the camera's frame rate. Others have told me that I will constantly have flicker due to electricity in the US. Will I be able to use the camera or should I look for something else?

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I see what you mean. I was quite confused when I saw this message again (after seeing the answer to the original question). But to be clear I won't double triple or quadruple post again.



Yeah no worries, just post once and if after a day or so people are ignoring you then give it a bump and say "hey what's up?" or something like that. Sometimes it takes a day or so for people to pick up on a thread anyway.



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