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Anyone use the knockoff chinese FlowCine Serene with Easyrig?

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Looking to add a FlowCine Serene arm to my EasyRig Mini Strong. Unfortunately the Flowcines are crazy expensive (for me) at around $2.3k. I found that there are knockoff Flowcine arms out of china for $300....I'm strongly considering this especially because it doesn't require drilling into my easyrig.

Anyhave have thoughts/experiences on if this is worth it?

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Might be, or just a curious fellow filmmaker who uses multiple internet forums to hunt information like most of us.

And talking about this Ryan did you happen to find any info? In the same predicament myself as to whether drop 1K on a knockoff easyrig+Serene or save another 6K and get the real thing.
If you ever ended up testing one/getting any news on it would love to know!

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