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Looking forward to honest opinions and feedback for my work

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From a technical perspective on the first couple shots, the highlights look way overblown. I guess carry around some NDs in the future?



Having viewed both reels - it's good, but not great. A lot of blown-out shots. As Macks says, I'd try to explore some ND options for your camera.


For the wedding teaser, that was the look intended. However, point duly noted. Thank you :)


Keen to hear more from other members

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First video bores me from second eight on. To be totally honest, from the first shot on because I don’t like handheld shooting. You don’t build up tension, content remains flat. I mean, the ethnical and cultural differences between Claire and Sid invite for, say, a little more depth.


Second video quite different, there is involvement with people. Got me.

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