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ARRI Alexa EV recording

Henrik A Meyer

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I am a Cinematographer on a feature film that we're going to start filming in September on the ARRI Alexa EV camera. We have the SXS cards and can max film in ProRes 4444. My question is, is it worth trying to find faster cards and then film in ARRI raw? Or do I get almost the same quality out of the ProRes 4444. The film is properly going to end up on a DCP 2K or 4K.


We are setting the camera up fro 16:9 full and then use a 1:2:35 mask to frame after.


Thank you,

Henrik A. Meyer



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You'll need a Codex or S.Two recorder for Arriraw. Or switch to an XT Alexa.

If you'll benefit from Raw or not depends a lot on what and how you're shooting, which you'll find out doing camera/lighting tests.

And doing proper ARRIRAW post is expensive. I mean really expensive - to the point S16 is often cheaper, with an overall better image.

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Hej Henrik!


Jeg håber alt er vel med dig!


To be honest, unless your film is very vfx heavy, you will be happy with prores 444. Not having to carry the extra weight of the codex will save you time and space and make your camera more manageable. All the films I've done on the Alexa, have been prores, only the odd commercial here and there are raw. Spend the money elsewhere.


Good luck with your film!

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