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  1. Just curious. How come just the vf? Is the 235 vf compatible?
  2. Edwin Schouten in Holland should be able to help you out https://www.etkon.com/aaton
  3. New price $5500 + shipping. Great price for a brand new never used Zeiss Ultra16.
  4. Not trying to throw a spanner in the works, but from what I understand Cinelab in London does not develop Fuji stock any more... Which sucks as I have 15x rolls of s16mm 250D in my fridge!
  5. Bump. $6000 plus shipping. Brand new in box, never used.
  6. Hi Attila, Thanks but I'm selling my 14mm and not looking for another one. Cheers, Marcel
  7. If you get a fridge then you can also store other (newer) film stock ready to use and a bottle of fizz. If you get a freezer, you can always keep more Ben & Jerry's. It's all good. Just do it.
  8. Can you share how the opening shot was done on the film above? A gimbal or steadicam?
  9. Hi Alan, I believe the Cooke 9-50mm does not cover s16mm only n16mm. For full coverage you'd want to find the 10,4-52mm T2.8 or a converted 9-50mm. All the best
  10. This beautiful lens is still for sale. IMG_8755.heic
  11. Canon 14mm FD P+S Technik PL mount rehousing. Lens is like new, used sparingly. Serviced in August at P+S Technik. Feet scale on the left side, meter on the right side. Optics in excellent condition, a little tiny dust behind rear lens. Front diameter is 110mm. Covers Alexa LF sensor without vignetting. Price €6000,00 Pictures https://www.dropbox.com/sh/db8xfubulq13ujt/AACtFP8Bo4vM3i2QzWaKsfh_a?dl=0
  12. Have you tried Arri in NY? Arri in London only have up until 14mm in Ultra 16's and suggest using Ultra primes above 14mm. They will match nicely. You will however have issues with using wide s35mm primes as they are bigger lenses. 12mm UP is huge.
  13. Since it seems there are no 6mm, 18mm or 25mm Ultra16's to trade with I will be selling my Arri Zeiss Ultra 14mm with feet scale. Lens is brand new in box and never used. Please pm for pictures. Price $6500,00 + shipping
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