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Best Camera Report App

Chad Mahadevan

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Can anybody recommend a decent camera report app (something that can be used on a Desktop, iPhone, iPad...)? I'm just looking for something that logs: Project, Scene, Take, Date, Camera Settings (ISO, Shutter, WB, Color Prof, Stop, FPS, etc..). Not so much for Metadata or TC. Ideally something that can export as PDF and be moved to dropbox or a drive fairly quick. Thanks for your help!

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I can't imagine having the time between takes to fill out a digital report. Maybe its just the projects I end up on but even scribbling down a few details by hand is pushing it. Would like to try it though if anyone posts an interesting one.

Totally, wouldn't carry round a tablet all day filling in digital logs on the go.

Stick to putting everything in a policeman's notebook and copy up neater when it's quiet.

Switching from printed sheets to digital sheets might be good for a trainee with bad hand writing or dyslexia.

You'd need a printer on set to keep the DIT and 1st AC happy though.

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