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step printing effect on fcp

Prashantt Rai

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hey everyone,


I am trying to assemble a montage of sequences shot at 6fps.

My intention was to do a step printing kind of thing to produce streaks of cars' taillights in traffic and a sea of people crossing at zebra crossings.


Do correct me if I am wrong here. I was thinking of making triplicate copies of every 6 frames and then putting them in linear order to have the desired streaks effect.


how can one do this on an fcp.


I have some knowledge of editing.


the footage was shot at 6 fps and transferred at 24 fps. I wish it was transferred at 6 fps.


I will really appreciate some inputs here




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I did exactly the same thing on a project recently and I did it with normal 24fps footage.


In esence it doesn't matter what fps.

But I did the clip in Adobe After Effects.


I used a combination of a luma track matt and and echo effect and then slowed down everything and layed the clips one on the other.


What I got is exactly what you were describing streaks and people duplicates or echos of people walking across a cross walk.


Hope it helps.


Best regards.

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