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  1. Well I'm from a little different part of the world and things are virtually the same here. Due to the fewer project because of the corona business my girlfriend and I who run our own production company took a side job in March, April and May of 2021. We got a call from this producer that she needed an extra camera operator and a 2nd AD for a game show they were shooting. So without knowing much of anything we showed up there and basically because of the tight schedule we worked full days for almost three months and it actually wasn't that bad. Only a couple of things sucked like the food was always cold because it got delivered early and us being too late. The problem was also the attitude of some of some of the top people, but at one point I got promoted to 1st AD and my girlfriend form camera 6 to camera 2 which was following the host most of the time. Anyway after we're done the producers tells us that the first three days are going to be counted as rehearsals and could only be billed at half price, which is BS since we were there the whole day. Then she goes on to state that since we've never worked with them before that they wanted to pay me and my girlfriend less which is also BS since not only did they call us but we even got promoted form our original positions. Then she surprised me with the information that what we were getting payed contains tax as well which in the end means we were getting payed like a really low wage. Which is also BS since in our country tax needs to be added at the end of the invoice. So after we got finished I talked to the producer and she told me to just write up the invoice and send it to their accountant. Which I did in about a week and got back a replay that there was a discrepancy between what the producer told me and what they have on their records. This went on for weeks which turned into months and a lot of BS that ended up even lowering the wage again. We finally got the invoice done to their specs and the producer agreed to have me work on another project were she'd give me a higher wage to compensate for the lower wage on that project (still waiting for that by the way) and yet the invoice after 3 months still hasn't been payed. I've sent emails to everyone including the CEO and all I get from the accountant is that their client hasn't payed them which is BS since they're obligated to pay in 30 days of the invoice, regardless of their client payment or not. Well we're now engaging in a law suite where I'm suing them for what they owe us and the lawyer says that we should ask for a lot more, since they went back on what they were offering initially and because of all the BS by not paying on time. Hope it goes well and I also hope you get payed soon too.
  2. I do some work in Davinci Fairlight. Maybe I can help.
  3. I think he might be referring to shallow depth of field vs deep depth of field. That's what I meant when I said soft focus when I started with photography.
  4. I agree that it can get depressing. But a friend of mine keeps telling me that you just have to push forward and keep on kicking and then things happen.
  5. My girlfriend who's actually a sculptress, but didn't have a studio for a couple of months decided to create some hand drawn illustrations for a children's book. She sent out a couple of shots to a publisher and a lady publisher got back to her the next day. She said that they were super interested and that my girlfriend should get her the first draft asap. But on the other side in the filmmaking world I was lucky enough to find a producer who started working with me to get my screenplay up to Hollywood specs and then we went forward with finding distribution and financing. But the coronavirus threw a little wrench into the whole situation. As far as commercial work I do agree completely because I've been sending out stuff to agencies for years and almost never get a reply.
  6. Well my girlfriend is a DP and shoots on all my or should I say our projects. We've got a similar setup but a Pocket 4K and a Moza Air 2 and she's able to operate the gimbal and pull focus efficiently at the same time. But she's had a lot of practice and yes sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get it done well. She's worked with a focus puller before and said it was OK since she was focusing on framing the whole time and movement but still she says she prefers the control of pulling focus herself. So it can definitely be done. But I think one of the key things is to keep it in mind even when doing blocking or constructing shots. By the way how's the 6K Pro working out with the ND's and screen. This is the main two things we miss on the P4K.
  7. Well my girlfriend who is a DP used to be a makeup artist and she says that in most situations it's really good to think about the makeup when thinking about the lighting. For example a couple of years back she still did some makeup gigs and a group of guys who were shooting a calender with a bunch had this weird lighting setup and then an even weirder color grade makingit look like the eye further from the lens was smaller or something. But because they didn't tell her or talk about it she could not have know so she was really unhappy about it. So yeah she always coordinates with the makeup artist before we shoot sometimes even way in preproduction when we're doing the shot list. But we usually use the makeup artists.
  8. Actually a really interesting question. I'm not sure I can be much help but I do remember one time when I was working as an extra on set of a commercials to get some experience and observe. They had a bunch of tanning beds (don't know if they were real or props) but I do remember talking to a lighting technician and I think the guy told me that they put in kino flo bulbs or something like that and that there were no UV bulbs anywhere. Good luck with your shoot.
  9. So this band for who we make music videos wanted another video but the whole country got shut down for months. After five months of almost now work because all the businesses were under the impression that we weren't allowed to work one of our genius government officials let it slip that we actually could work so the whole country started up again and we decided to try and produce the music video we had started five months earlier. Anyway the look was inspired by the Tony Scott film Unstoppable since we wanted the video to give a creepy vibe so everything from the story line was shot in 12fps and then projected in a 24fps timeline and we used a wide open shutter to create a lot of motion blur. The original plan was to have the girl walk trough a moss forest trough different scenes and to have basically a fake one shot with a couple of cut a ways shots but because of the regulations we weren't able to have as many people on set at the same time so we went another way and shot everything in sections and did some creative editing. I'm a little sad that we weren't able to shoot a one shot because it would have been great.
  10. Wow looks great. I love the warm light from the window because it gives a nice afternoon type feel to the video. Congratulations!
  11. That's great! I've got the Pocket 4K also with the Viltrox focal reducer and a bunch of Rokinon prime lenses. Not much but I love it. My girlfriend and I have some rudimentary equipment that we use when we shoot our own stuff. Tascam DR60 and a boom mic and a couple of red head lights. But usually the basic stuff that we've got is usually enough to start of doing something nice. Well again congratulations again.
  12. Oh that's cool and congratulations on giving yourself a challenge to learn from the experience. I'm actually planing something similar in about a week, just because I and my partner have some down time and I want to play around with something I intend to use in a feature later on in the year. By the way very nice grading. What did you shoot on and edito/grade? (I saw in another post you had a BM Pocket 4K guess you used that one) How much time did you spend on different aspects of the film? Regards
  13. Well as far as requirements go I think they're different and don't necessarily need to turn a profit. I think the requirements are more along the lines as you said like having productions represented by different countries or having the film have special cultural importance for the country. Or something like having a lot of women on your crew. Which in my case is not a problem since my DP, editor and colorist is my wife. Then my co writer is also a woman and my wife's sister is one of our producers and production designer. So we're well covered. This is what I'm hoping to get my film funded this way and sponsor funds or maybe get funded by the streaming service, but the film has to be commercially viable. As far as education goes I think it only has any impact on the project unless with our national fund. But the thing that pisses me of is that most of the people I see who are involved with projects don't have a formal education in film and I think they only use it more or less as an excuse to turn people down who are not from their own little club. Other than that I think education plays a very small role and even worse is that when we work with people on different projects, I find it very frustrating the low level of education of people. I would expect people that have been working in the industry to have more knowledge and what's even more frustrating is the lack of width of knowledge. People seem to be very focused on their job and not much else, even people who you'd expect to be able to do that and at the same time not very enlightened and knowledgeable in their own field. Of course this doesn't apply to everyone, but rather to a very large segment of people which is worrisome. At least to me. I'll send you and article that I wrote a few months ago in a privet message. Anyway I hope I've helped some and I can hopefully tell you a little more in a few weeks time.
  14. Yeah. That is something I agree with 100% and a really good point. 🙂
  15. My partner and I actually use a three screen setup most of the time because it makes it easier to have the clips, info or scopes open on one screen, the timeline on another and a preview on the third screen. But to be completely honest a few months ago we moved and for a couple of months we only had the one widescreen monitor and we were able to work without any problems. It is beneficial seeing a larger preview of what you're doing.
  16. Hi Austin. Well I'm from Europe, more specifically Slovenia. I won't say that I've got a lot of experience but I do have some experience. For the most part it's a mix of the American system where you find a producer who somehow get's you some A list talent and then some funding and you're good to go. But then you also have stuff like we have here, that's a local streaming service of a tv network which is much easier to pitch them a project and if they take it, you get funding and you're free to do your project. We're actually working on two TV shows that are most lightly getting funded by them and we're working on a feature film. But they usually want to see a proof of concept pilot or something along these lines with regards to a TV show, which can be a problem since you need to produce something initially by yourself. If they go for it you usually get a fixed amount of money and it's not a lot. But they do all the distribution all you have to do is deliver your project. The there's our national film fund, which is intended for independent filmmakers, where you have to submit your proposal for a film and if your film gets picked as one of the projects that they decide to fund, you get a grant and help with producing and distributing your project. But from what I've heard you almost have to be related to someone on the panel who chooses the project to get a project trough or again have some well known talent and an established producer working with you. I've never put much hope in getting my project picked by the national film fund since I'm the new guy and am not experienced enough and don't have a formal film school education, etc., etc. the usual BS. Like I said you need connections for this and if you're a nobody, you het nowhere. Then we have European film grants for co-productio. Which I'm actually looking into right now for a comedy I'm trying to produce. These film grants are supposed to be much easier than the previously mentioned national grant because if you've got a good project they're willing to co-fund your project. Honestly I don't have much experience with these but I'm hoping that I'll be able to fund my film this way. There's also our national TV network which also does production of narrative projects and honestly working with them would be one of the best things, since they've got everything you might need. From access to talent, locations, equipment and even good and experienced producers. But last few years they've been somewhat closed for cooperation with outsiders and focused more on their own stuff. So I honestly wound't put much hope into that, unless again you knew someone who made the decisions personally and they did you a huge favore. Also something that I've done in the past is tried to get sponsors for projects which has worked out great and I'm considering doing the same thing for the comedy feature that I'm planing to produce. In fact we did a proof of concept TV show pilot the same way, where we got a bunch of sponsors to help us with the projects. But it usually isn't in form of financing but rather access to locations, which we got to use for free and in form of food and drinks that we had during production. For the feature comedy that I'm planning, I'm going to try and get some sponsors who will in return also receive commercials for their products that they we will be asking them to donate along with some funding. I'm hoping this will be enough for part of the required budget. Hope this helps and if there's something I can clarify, just let me know. In fact I'm also interested if anyone else has any other experience with this here in Europe. By the way why are you asking? Honestly up till now I've had more luck talking with US based producers about doing projects, than anyone here. Except for the local streaming service that are for now really content hungry. Regards Vital
  17. Well as a director I have the unique advantage that I'm also part DP and my wife is my DP on almost all of our projects. I always try to do is envision the whole thing as a fluid thing and then go deeper into each scene with my DP and then I try to judge how much time an action that I want to show or some dialog takes up, so I usually have to act each part out. Of course it also has to do with how much budget you've got, which in my case is usually not a lot. So our last couple of projects I tried to do a few more complicated shots, like in a music video we had a tracking one shot with a lot of action happening like people crossing the frame or bikes riding past. I got the ida from an old movie I watched and thought that it looked like there were a lot of people there and with the whole pandemic business going on I wanted to limit the number of people on set. So the shot was a nice way to make it look like there were a lot of people there. Then in a film we did we used an orbiting shot around two characters where in the second trun we hid one of the characters behind the camera as if she vanished. We actually came up with the idea when we were thinking on how to make one of the characters vanish without having to complicate too much. We tried it out first and it worked perfectly when cut with a wide shot. In both cases we tried the shot out first and then recreated it on set and I always had a backup shot ready in case the one I wanted wasn't working. I'd have to know a little more about the story and scene to be able to come up with a shot. Hope it helps and good luck.
  18. Yes you can always delete the cache folders of Davinci and it will still work but it will take some time before it will run smooth again. I've had this happen a couple of times on our workstations and I just delete all the cache since the bulk is usually from older projects that have been finished.
  19. Personally my girlfriend and I bought a Blackmagic Pocket 4K and we use it on most of our projects. When we need something bigger for a shoot we usually rent the Ursa Mini Pro but since we got this camera there hasn't been much need for renting because it suffices for virtually everything we do. As for the metadata it transfers into Davinci Resolve without any problems. Even the "good take" info transfers. But we always use BRAW and always with Davinci. So we don't need to transcode. I've never used this with other NLEs and other cameras and file formats.
  20. I've experienced this also. For some reason if I use Handbrake to convert a ProRes master into h.264 it will be more compressed but better quality than if I export in Resolve. I have no idea why.
  21. I agree about Davinci being better. I actually can't even work in Premiere anymore, especially color grading.
  22. Davinci is really great with ProRes and we haven't have had any problems with ProRes. But h.264 is a different story. We've had to export a lot beefier files to get the same result as we did in Premiere Pro. In the end it really doesn't matter. Whatever you have on hand. I use Davinci since we switched a few years ago.
  23. I used to have LTO on a couple of my servers. It was effective but it was years ago. The Sony solutions does look expensive.
  24. See now this is a good solution. I just wish it wasn't that pricey. But I think for now drives will keep the bulk of the data and then later a NAS.
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