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  1. It looks amazing! I've been playing around with mine for about 3 weeks now and I can't believe that footage comes out so amazing compared to anything this small that I've shot on. I'm thinking of even ditching a rental on a project and just renting the lenses. But I'm not sure we've gotten used to it enough and have enough confidence to shoot a bigger project on it. The battery life kind of sucks a little and not even the time but rather that it just dies and that's it no warning nothing. Other than that I'm so happy I got this thing.
  2. Well after getting my Pocket 4K I absolutely love blackmagic raw and love the Davinci color grading. I can honestly say that I haven't ever before been able to color grade an image like I am able now and it's also fast to render a video. But some other things just get under your skin. I can honestly say that Premiere can not hold a candle to Davinci as far as color grading but the user interface us much better in Premiere and so is some of the workflow. Don't even get me started with Fusion which is a mystery all in it's self. And I have nothing against using nodes but this thing is confusing and I'm still trying to learn but I'm at least half a year away from the same skill set I've got in AE. I've been thinking about a round tip workflow with Davinci and Premiere, AE but I still think that it would be even more confusing. I can't wait to try the non beta version of 16. Best regards.
  3. True I agree completely. That is one of the last things I would worry about if any of the others happened. But still in a way it sucks.
  4. Hey guys. So I was sitting back and watching a movie that was just ending. Well the movie ended and I noticed that they just cut of the credits and just put a screen with some rudimentary information (director, producer, lead, etc.) but it got me thinking that I understand why they do this. It's so that there is more time for commercials and that the person watching doesn't change the channel because of the 20 minute gap between movies. On the other hand I don't think it's right for somebody to just chop of the ending credits even though some information is displayed. Also what about movies that have post or mid credit action or show some goofs or something. What do you guys think about this? If you made a movie and it was aired on TV and someone cut of the credits not showing everybody who worked hard to make that movie and only highlighted a few. Would you be OK with that? I know I'm not and maybe I atribute this to not have been doing this for that long but I really do value everyone of my crew members and want them to be accreditare appropriately and not just financially. Anyway just something I was thinking about. Best regards Vital
  5. Mine arrived on Monday. 🙂 Fantastic so far. Very pleased. And it only took 4 months to arrive. 😄
  6. Interesting. I had my first Resolve hiccup. With a relatively simple thing too. I was trying to chop off the end and start of a vertical video from a phone and reverse the speed. But for some reason even though it could play the sound in Davinci I could not export the video with audio no matter how much I tried. I eventually decided it was taking too much time and did everything in a different software.Interesting. I had my first Resolve hiccup. With a relatively simple thing too. I was trying to chop off the end and start of a vertical video from a phone and reverse the speed. But for some reason even though it could play the sound in Davinci I could not export the video with audio no matter how much I tried. I eventually decided it was taking too much time and did everything in a different software.
  7. I actually just got an email yesterday that they were beginning to ship the cameras to customers that ordered them in September. But I agree if something better comes onto the market and I haven't gotten mine yet... it's adios muchachos... Right now I've got a problem because I've got a project that we're doing complacently in house if I had the camera I could do the project and put the money towards some useful equipment we need or pay for the camera or anything. But I can either rent and throw money out the window or I can ask a friend for another favor and borrow his equipment again which is an option if he doesn't need it.
  8. This is completely true. The problem with waiting is that if they say it will take a month you can plan for that but it one month turns out as six months then it's a big problem. For example right now my team is in pre-production of a music and the one thing that kept bugging me was if we were going to get the camera in time. Of course we didn't so now I have to ask a friend a favor to borrow his equipment in order to be able to shoot. Of course I can't do that every other week if you know what I mean. :)
  9. You were right. :) I got an email a few days ago that the company is very sorry but the camera has not arrived yet and that it probably will ina month or two. Too bad it hasn't because it would come in handy for a music video shoot.
  10. True. The keyboard was a life saver and like I said I did everything and there were no major issues just a few things that are weird. Other than that it played stuff back better than any other software. Like I was disusing with my partner if there was nothing else it would be just fine and I agree about Premiere. As for Avid I have worked on it but I can't have all the software. Like I said I hope it gets better with time and I definitely will use it but not sure if for the majority of projects.
  11. Well the verdict is in. I just finished a project I tried to do only in Davinci and while I was able to do everything I needed I would not say that I was able to do do everything with the same ease as in the Adobe Suite. Yes it worked fluently without any problems but it did crash once but if I use proxy files in Premiere Pro it works just fine. I would say that if I didn't have the ability to use the Adobe Suite I could manage in Resolve but unfortunately I think it's just not there yet. Hope it will be because some stuff is just great. Like rendering time. Best regards.
  12. I agree completely that the Adobe suite feels like a sluggish dinosaur at times and stability is an issue. But I still can't seem to completely abandon it for Davinci. I will definitely try to edit more stuff in Davinci.
  13. As far as other software for Photoshoping and vector graphics I'm covered I can use anything else like Gimp or Inkscape or even some other stuff. It's just the video editing and FX stuff. I guess I'll try to move to Davinci and keep Adobe for now with the intent to move off Adobe gradually. :) Thanks for the input guys. I guess now I have to dive into Fusion :)
  14. Thanks I was thinking in the same way. I have no problem working with a different workflow in different types of software. I was just wondering if I could get rid of my Adobe suite and still do the work. So thank you for your input. As far as Fusion goes I have no problem with working with nodes and any kind of stuff that comes along.
  15. So recently I have placed an order for a new Blackmagic camera and along with that camera I am receiving a licence for Davinci Resolve. Anyway it got me thinking the Adobe subscription is not that expensive but then again at the end of the year it adds up to a substantial sum of money. So when I learned that I would be receiving a license for Davinci Resolve I was thinking that I might start editing in it. Now here's the thing I have no problems with learning to use a new tool but I'm just not sure all the tools. I mean I'm sure the coloring part is fantastic and the audio editor but I'm not sure about Fusion the alternative to After Effects. I'm just not sure about Fusion. And also two other things that I like more about Premiere Pro and don't exist in Davinci that you can't set the resolution and frame rate for each timeline but globally for the whole for the whole project. But I guess it's just something you have to figure out in advance and live with it. So anybody have any experience with Davinci Resolve and if I could just get rid of Adobe and use only it? Thanks and best regards.
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