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  1. Yes you can always delete the cache folders of Davinci and it will still work but it will take some time before it will run smooth again. I've had this happen a couple of times on our workstations and I just delete all the cache since the bulk is usually from older projects that have been finished.
  2. Personally my girlfriend and I bought a Blackmagic Pocket 4K and we use it on most of our projects. When we need something bigger for a shoot we usually rent the Ursa Mini Pro but since we got this camera there hasn't been much need for renting because it suffices for virtually everything we do. As for the metadata it transfers into Davinci Resolve without any problems. Even the "good take" info transfers. But we always use BRAW and always with Davinci. So we don't need to transcode. I've never used this with other NLEs and other cameras and file formats.
  3. I've experienced this also. For some reason if I use Handbrake to convert a ProRes master into h.264 it will be more compressed but better quality than if I export in Resolve. I have no idea why.
  4. I agree about Davinci being better. I actually can't even work in Premiere anymore, especially color grading.
  5. Davinci is really great with ProRes and we haven't have had any problems with ProRes. But h.264 is a different story. We've had to export a lot beefier files to get the same result as we did in Premiere Pro. In the end it really doesn't matter. Whatever you have on hand. I use Davinci since we switched a few years ago.
  6. I used to have LTO on a couple of my servers. It was effective but it was years ago. The Sony solutions does look expensive.
  7. See now this is a good solution. I just wish it wasn't that pricey. But I think for now drives will keep the bulk of the data and then later a NAS.
  8. When we're shooting I usually have the assistant mark which take is the best or make a note what I liked and am planing on using in the edit. Most of the time I'm right but then as the editing gets more refined some things might get cut or other things added. But we usually start with the original idea and then refine it from there. But it is a lot of work looking trough everything when you're searching for something that you need but don't know if it's there or not. We've been using the Blackmagic cameras and there's this cool feature there where you can mark a good take. Tha
  9. Well I was in a similar situation with my girlfriend a couple of years ago. We are also filmmakers and started small. So we used our DSLR at first but we were getting frustrated with getting an 8bit compressed image. So we started looking at cameras we could afford. Let me say that we were not making enough money off it to justify buying something expensive like a Red or an Arri in either case. So I started analyzing stuff and trying to figur out what would be best. We were considering buying a Sony or an EVA1 or even buying a recorder to just record of our Nikon DSLR.
  10. Well a few years ago I needed a laptop to do video editing when we were on the road I found a Asus GL703VD with an Nvidia GTX 1050 and 32GB of memory. An ssd and an hdd, I'm not saying it's the best workstation and the fastest. Honestly when I work on something that's a little complex it feels like a drone lifting off. But I can do my job on the fly. It cost me about a $1,300 but I guess you've got a lot more to spend. Davinci is a software that does need some resources but I still think that if you use it in the correct way it shouldn't matter. Good luck
  11. Wow that looks really great! Congratulations! 🙂
  12. No problem and my pleasure. 🙂 And I do understand. When we shot our stuff it was also not enough time and no money. But we were a small and great crew and had a great time. I love it when there's only a couple of people for something. It was really great because we all did more than one thing. I directed but in some scenes I was holding the light bounce too or holding an umbrella for my girlfriend who was shooting. The lead actor was so excited about everything that he helped out with stuff just to learn more. He got so involved that he's doing the score for the project now and wants to d
  13. Other than finishing up editing on a couple of projects me and my girlfriend shot during the summer, I'm trying to learn how to do nice shots with a drone and then teach this to my girlfriend. We were lucky enough to be able to shoot two pilot episodes for two different tv shows and a couple of music videos. Now we have to finish those off and get them to producers. Didn't put much effort into the editing and grading since I was just trying to learn how to make nice movements which is hard to do with the Mavic Mini.
  14. Wow. Congratulations. Good fun times. 🙂 Was it challenging? We were lucky too this summer and had a lot of fun shooting two tv show pilots for two series. It's fun doing a project where you're working with good people and everyone has fun. 🙂
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