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On-set language (Camera Department)

Anzer Sizov

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As someone who has done the opposite, working in Russia with Russian crews when I don't speak much Russian, I don't think you need to learn much slang.  I certainly didn't learn Russian movie slang, except for maybe, "Kino Korm"  and "Shapka"🙂

But I did learn how to say "forward" "backward" "mark" beginning" "end" "up" "down" "left" "right""faster" "slower" etc...  "kinoflow" is "kinoflow" in any language!

But your English seems quite good, so I think you're good to go with English speaking crews.


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6 hours ago, Phil Rhodes said:

And is that  universal?

(I promise it isn't. In theatrical and event work that's a "small TV stand," which comes from calling a "junior pin" a "TV spigot" in that field.)

Well, the number of risers is a fact, and ‘combo’ is what the manufacturers call them, so...

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On 3/20/2018 at 12:36 PM, Jeff patnaude said:

OK- I have one to add.

I've heard one slang term for a dolly move called a "Micky Rooney."


A slow, little creep.



In the UK this would be called a "Paul Daniels"

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