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kino flo equivalent

Gerhart Enders

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I'm still pretty new to lighting. Recently I was able to try some kino flos for a few days and I was really happy the images I was able to get. I have saved up enough to buy a gaffer set, and I really would like to own a good set of lights so that I can just spend a lot of time practicing and testing things out to learn for myself.


My question though, is this not a great investment considering how LED technology is coming along? Are there LED lights out now that I could get instead that have a similar look/output without having to deal with replacing bulbs etc. Or is there something better to buy for someone that is finally buying their own lights? I do a little bit of everything, portraits, photography, short films.


Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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You could get Quasar Crossfaded in a Kino housing-- or the new Kino LED tubes in the same housing. That seems to be the way those things are going these days.

The nice thing about the Quasars (not sure on the Kino LEDs) is you can easily pop out a tube if you'd like/need to place elsewhere and they are "tunable."

you could also go cheaper with just the 3200/5600 switch Quasars.

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