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Masterclass lighting/ cinematography

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Hi everybody,


I am looking for a dp/lighting masterclass.


Right now i am a working professional. I started 14 years ago as a ENG camera operator and progressed to documentairy and now on to commercials and have a dream of one day making the step in to narrative.


Mostly on the lower budget end. (Shooting mainly on red and arri) with max 1 gaffer and 1 best boy.

I have a good understanding of lighting etc but i do feel i lack the understanding of bigger lighting set ups.


The type of course i am looking for is a advance type of class.

Most of the stuff i find is mainly directed to the basics.

Can be world wide, based in europe (amsterdam).


Thanks in advance!

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There are a couple of courses that I know of that might interest you.


- ASC Masterclass



- Cinematography Masterclass (ESCAC - Barcelona / Spain)



- Cinematography Workshop (ETB Centre - Kerry / Ireland)



I personally have done the one in Kerry three times now, taught by Mo Flam, Pj Dillon and Roberto Schaefer, and even though it is a basic workshop it really covered certain things that I didn’t even know that existed and they made me realise the reason why I liked some images and why I didn’t like other ones.


It is also very affordable!


Have a lovely day!

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Thanks for your reply!


The one in Kerry look interesting (and just a short flight).

To bad they dont have one plannend at the moment but i will keep an eye on them.


Have a Nice day


I think that there will be one at the end of the year if I remember correctly and if there is one I will be there! :)


Have a lovely day!

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