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Super 8 Processing & Grading Lab Advice and Request

Nicholas Johnson

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Hello everyone, If this has been covered in a previous post please link, I was unable to find much on a few cursory searches.


I am requesting advice or suggestions for a good lab who I can send Super 8 cartridges to for processing, telecine, and most importantly good quality post and colour grading.


I am based in the UK (London). Normally I rely on someone local who hand-process the film and does all the post for me. I have always been very happy with his work, but I'm interested to see what kind of results I can get from a 'lab'.


I am aware of Andec in Berlin ( andecfilm.de ) and the S8 Reversal Lab in the Netherlands ( super8.nl ). Though I have no experience with their service or even if they provide a Grading/Post service.


Anyway, I am requesting suggestions, based on experience, of good labs. I'm happy to ship internationally NY, LA etc. for good results. Ideally it would stay EU though.


Keep in mind, I am not seeking cinematic quality, for me the decision to use Super8 has always been a point a shoot, in camera, portable film format, so I am not seeking perfection.


My main concern is over levels of noise and uneven exposures which I feel might be remedied with a higher quality transfer and greater attention to detail in the grading process (never mind my lack of attention to these details during the filming).


I sincerely appreciate your advice, suggestions and shared knowledge.


All the best

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Yes I have used both labs for 16mm not Super 8 and they are excellent, I know they do Super 8, their service and scans are excellent. There's another company in London [i think] 'on 8mil' google them they have samples online.



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I am US based but always hear pretty solid things about both Andec and Reversal Lab. I'd say in the EU, the scan lab I hear the highest quality about is Ocho y Pico in Spain. TOP TOP notch scans. I'd say go for them. 2K scans at least. I believe OyP does color grading as well.

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Hi Nick, Thank you.


Ocho y Pico, does appear to be responsible for very high quality scans. Thanks for the advice.


(I wish I could afford to send a sample for scanning & grading to multiple labs and see the difference in results).


Thanks very much all for your continued advice.



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