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Interior Car Rig

Laffrey Witbrod

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I'm trying to rig a camera inside a car to get something like these shots from Drive.





I would want the camera somewhere around the passenger seat with the rearview mirror angled to see the driver and someone in the back seat.


We will be shooting on a Red Epic.


Thanks for any ideas or examples on how to rig a set up like this.

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The best way would be to remove the passenger seat and try to rig a tripod there. If that's impossible, try to recline the passenger seat and see if there's anyway to rig something on top.


I'm afraid that any handheld shooting into the little rearview mirror will look way too shaky when the car is moving. But, perhaps you'll end up loving that effect? It's worth a try, but don't do it hand held unless you can deactivate the airbag. It could well be deadly if the airbag deploys into a camera and operator.

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