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Haze - Train workshop scene

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Hi, I'm going to work in a short film, about a group of blue collar man, train mechanics, that talk around a bonfire in a warehouse, which is a train workshop.


I was thinking about the scene, trying to remember scenes from movies or series which a similar aesthetic. What I was thinking, especially with the bonfire, is that the scene could use a little of haze or smog, or mist in the air, which gives more volume to the air around the characters.


The only way to do this is with an smog machine, or do you know another method? The idea is that another lights in the warehouse (the motivation is working lights, lights from the train, lights from the ceiling) could gain a little bit of volume, and in that way, give the scene more layers, besides the talents talking each other.


If you have more information about how achieve this, or if you have some references from movies, or series, with similar aesthetic, I'll be grateful.




Thank you all!



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If it's a big warehouse, you'd need a big hazer or a couple in each corner, etc. I wouldn't try any non-traditional ways of smoking up a room because most of those tricks are not safe to breathe.


Thanks for the advice David!

The hazer machines are easy to use, or besides the renting, you need to get some kind of technician that work with it all the time?


We are an small crew (12 technicians between camera, sound, assistant, etc) and I don't think we can spare someone to be with the machines all the time.



Thank you!

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Here is a video I stumbled onto a couple weeks ago, I thought it was a pretty, cheap and portable.. and safe (not tested-trusting video) alternative to pump haze into remote locations.


We used insect foggers on a show in Belize a few years back. Vey effective for getting that misty jungle look. I would not recommend using them indoors, even with the mineral oil used in the video. It looks to be the same sort of heavy oil that was used in cracked oil hazers, which are now banned on sets.

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