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  1. Honestly, For rigging purposes, I could have went with a Large chimera Pancake and rigged the lights directly inside bouncing up and would have been just as happy with the quality of light, and half the time rigging. But I didn't have to throw money at this problem so it's a success. Stills to come!
  2. Rosco Super Soft to line the Skirt. Thanks again!
  3. I decided on a 4x6 white bounce, Quasars mounted to the frame with a 1-stop diffusion underneath. The quasar open end parallel to the floor, hoping to get a mix of direct light through the diff and also bouncing around.
  4. Hey! Thanks for all your help Satsuki! Shoot is wrapped and here is the final Frankenstein light. Ugly looking but good quality light.
  5. Got an Old OKC Lomo 18mm. Modded for real close focus. Love that focal length.
  6. Hey Satsuki, shooting BMMCC at 800ASA 180s and hopefully 28.-4 split. Thanks, I only have the 12x12 grid cloth with sash, no frame. Was just going to tie it off on the top. If I was going to bounce, I would only have 8x8 foam core to use with it behind, if I was going to do a top down bounce. I just think i'd more spill if i went that route. and yes, I will be blacking out the windows. If I wanted to do 120d's shooting up into the foamcore, back through the 12x12, I would try and build a make-shift Duvetyne skirt to control spill on the outer walls. But I won't have anyway of griding the actual 12x12 (no frame) to control the shadows on talent. That's why I was leaning more towards 120's with softbox/grid combo... Now my last idea is to top mount both 120's with softboxes and grid, and then shoot them through the grid, Idea being to try and keep it looking like 1 source. Any thought? Much appriecated Satsuki!
  7. Hello, I'm prepping for my first DP shoot in a while, And I'm looking to bounce my plan off of everybody. Shooting a scene in a studio.. Trying to emulate this scene from Fight Club. NO budget so I'm using what I''ve got. I have a (2) Aputure 120d w/ Chimera Pancakes w/ skirts. (5 ) 4' quasar tubes. Also a set 4'4bank Kinos. A lot of Duv and a 12x12 full grid I'm looking to light the centre of the studio space top-down, and backlight the walls to hopefully have some shadow separation in-between. Also, the scene has actors moving all around under the top light, in an out of shadows. Hopefully looking to achieve the capability to light the space, leave it.. and have the availability of having a two-shot profile either front or back light depending on character position/camera position. Here are the shots.. My Idea is both 120d's mounted with chimeras and grid top down. And quasars out of frame providing spill on the walls. Is there any better way I can achieve this without the need to top mount the lights overhead, maybe 12x12 mounted and both 120's bounced into them and a Duv wrap around it? Any suggestions would be appreciated .
  8. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/627598-REG/CineBags_CB_30_DC_CB_30_Camera_Daddy_Bag.html Cinebag cb40 Big, but great for AKS. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?A=details&O=&Q=&gclid=CM3hu6La1-ICFZ1XDQodVlwN8g&is=REG&lsft=BI%3A514&pcur=CAD&sku=1301719 Also, the Arri Camera AC Bag, not sold anymore, but this is the same bag! its easier. this and an open mouth husky with tools and markers
  9. https://nofilmschool.com/blackwing7-custom-tuned-lenses-bradford-young-asc Custom tuned lenses, interesting. This with an LF Mini will make wonders. Not sure if this is new news or old news
  10. Hey Man, Just do the math in your head, should be good enough (relative to your post-process) and rent yourself a set of 4x4 ND's. Unless your willing to spend upwards of $500USD for a decent Variable. P.s. trying to answer your rear-projection questions, also waiting on others to reply to yours cause it's something i've have interest in as well. Best of Luck!
  11. Robby Muller Harris Savides Michael Chapman Christopher Doyle Raoul Coutard Sean Price Williams is a new favourite for Good Time In no particular order. But Robby does come to mind first.
  12. Check out Kino Flo's new Freestyle 4 https://www.kinoflo.com/Products%20Button/LED/FreeStyle%204%20LED/FreeStyle_4_LED.html
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8FydpK1Tsw Here is a video I stumbled onto a couple weeks ago, I thought it was a pretty, cheap and portable.. and safe (not tested-trusting video) alternative to pump haze into remote locations.
  14. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/890708-REG/Redrock_Micro_3_118_0002_rigLight_Camera_Illumination_Accessory.html I've had this guy in my wishlist for sometime. And yes cardellini will sell a laser and mini cardellini combo. but most likely red and not the long distance green stage pointers hope this helps
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