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Canon 1014 XL-S

Davo McConville

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Hello everyone,


I've managed to lose my 1014 XL-S battery cover, meaning I can't use the camera.


First question, is does anyone have a junk 1014 XL-S I can buy to use for parts?


Second question is does anyone know whether the battery covers for any other models are interchangeable? Eg the 814 or 514 XL S?


I know the 1014 standard isn't a fit (I think).


Thanks for any help!



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Look for non running 814 or 1014XL-Ss on eBay. It will take a while but they do pop up from time to time. If all else fails buy an external battery pack. They work with no batteries in the handle.

The needed plug is obscure and I would be glad to learn what type it is.


The grip of the 814 and 1014xl-s is the same and the covers are the same.

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So a few years back, I found a non-working 814XL-S on eBay for a mere $35+$15 shipping. Problem being a corroded battery stuck in the handle and no battery cover (like you). Well after some research, I cleared out the battery and then LOTS of research landed me at Du-All camera in NYC. Thank the heavens for them They sold me a cover for $30 (what I paid for the camera! haha) and my new $80 camera was up and running perfectly. All that to say... give them a shout. Or maybe Pro8mm might as well since they service them too.


Also if you really want to jerry-rig it... you could put two pieces of tin foil to connect the circuits like the cover does then... like tape a piece of cardboard in there? Ha. I just know this because before I got my official cover I wanted to test if my battery removal methods actually fixed the camera before I spent more on it.

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