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Charge Batteries and Data wrangler with no electricity

Eloy Zecca

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Hello to everyone,


This summer I will go in East Asia to shoot a small documentary, 

and I will be for one week in the middle of the jungle, 

my concern is how to charge the camera batteries and how to run the laptop for bump the cards.

There is something different to carry an heavy small generator?


Thank you in advance.



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I've made my own solar generator for doing this.  It works wonderful for remote field locations.  You can get a pre-built one from GoalZero or a few boutique makers.  You're basically limited by panels you can carry.  The generator should be lithium ion based so it's lighter vs the lead acid battery ones.

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You could just bring enough batteries for the duration of the project and tweak settings in your laptop so it consumes the least amount of power possible. Also, you could use only SSD media to cut down even more on laptop battery use. 

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Depends if "middle of the jungle" means a treacherous 12 hour approach, or if you can drive to your base camp. 
You can't fly with a large Li-On power pack like a goal zero, so you'd have to organise one on the asian end.
Also depends on your power needs. If you're running a camera that takes LPE6's batteries vs bigger Dionics etc.

You could probably get away with a solar unit that you charge from from overnight, then let it charge during the day. I use a Goal Zero Yeti 1400, which could easily power a laptop and charge dozens of camera batteries for about 10 hours straight then recharge itself from it's solar panels in about 8-10 hours. However, be caution that batteries with inbuilt software (or whatever it is) sometimes don't like being charged off them. 

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