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rear projection on 16mm

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Im about to shoot a short film on 16mm, and were gonna use back projection (the projection itself would be digital, and its material shot on digital camera).  I would appreciate any advice since i never did this. 

my concerns are mostly two: 
1. whats the best way to expose/ measure the projection? 

2. should I take any special precautions to avoid flickering? or will it be fine just as long as the camera and the projector are set to the same frame rate? 

if i plan to use hand cranck, I imagine there is no way to avoid  variable flickering, right? 





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I wold spot meter the projection maybe put up a chart with a greyscale and a white point to get an idea of exposure with the spot meter.


Really depends on the projector, I think 3-chip DLP or LCoS or LCD are what you want to try, avoid a single chip DLP with a color wheel.



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I would just get a commonly available reference chart which has white/black and grey patches (Maybe look at Light Illusion web site) and project that. 


Then use the spot meter to determine exposure range for the projector.


I would recommend a daylight balanced film stock as the projectors mostly try to hit a 6500deg white point more or less


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