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Confirming timeline to DPX


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Dear trusted community,

I've just picked up the 2K DPX files for 3 cans of 16mm I shot a month back. But I must admit I'm completely at a lass as to how to conform my existing timeline of proxy footage to full resolution. Can someone help me by maybe sending a link to a video or perhaps a step-by-step outline of the workflow? 

Sorry for the novice question!




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On 5/11/2019 at 6:14 AM, Kaspar Kamu said:

I assume so..

Did you give them a reference? I would not assume so.

If they did the DPX frames should go right into DaVinci and match up without any changes to the EDL or XML you created in the editor.

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At least in versions up to 14, Resolve doesn't like mixed file types when replacing media. So if your proxy is a Quicktime, and you're conforming to DPX, you may have issues with relinking media. Not sure if that's different in v15 or 16 though. 

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