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Flashlight reccomendation for flares

Roger Alexander

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I know the types of flares are mainly caused by the optics of the lens. But I'm specifically looking for brand and models of flashlights you guys might use to shine into the lens to create flares. Looking for a pretty sharp and strong beam of light to use.

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I use Surefire tactical lights. But for self-defense.(combined with pepper spray) In NYC you can't have much for self-defense. If someone hits you with 1000 lumens in the dark you can't see for 15 - 20 seconds.  200 lumens is the minimum for self-defense, 1200 lumens is much better. Surefire is pricey, top shelf. You can also try Steamtight, they are cheaper.

You may have to go down in power, 200 lumens may be too much, dunno. A household flashlight is about 10 - 20 lumens and wide beam. If you got a Cabela's nearby, lots of cheap lights that pack power. 

Check out 


The home of flashlight fondlers!

Good luck!

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If you just need something to last you the shoot, and if you have a few weeks to order them, there are a lot of low-cost options on places like aliexpress.

Bear in mind that many flashlights will be LED and will look cold and cyan on screen. Often this is OK, but it naturally depends what you want.


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