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What ever happened to the Kodak Super 8 camera?

Alessandro Malfatti

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I have wondered the same. The was many advertising from Kodak about this new fancy camera. But it seems that there was not enough pre orders to start manufacturing. Pity, I kind of liked the idea of lcd viewfinder and the C-mount.


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Time flies when holding your breath ?

I have no news. I am not expecting it will ever come to production.

There is just no market at a workable price. Logmar sold only 50 with a lot of waiting between orders.  There are so many better proven camera's at less than Euro 500 that a new severely limited ability thing at Euro 2000-3000 will not sell enough to have a production run get past beta models ?


Happy New year using a Nikon R10, Canon 1014XLs, Leicina Special et cetera.


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