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Svema Super 8mm B&W reversal cine films OCh-50 used with Hanimex Loadmatic M200

Jean-Sebastien Marsolais

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I want to experiment with an old Super 8mm camera I have. I am looking at a cassette of expired Svema Super 8mm B&W Reversal OCh-50 film on eBay that is fairly priced.

Now, I know my camera might not capture anything or that even the expired film won't capture anything neither. But, given the opportunity, would this type of cassette/cartridge fit and potentially work with my Hanimex Loadmatic M200?


Thanks for the help


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Yes, the film will work in the Hanimex Loadmatic M200, which will index it to ASA/ISO 40 without the Daylight Filter in position, or to ASA/ISO 25 with the Filter in position.  However, this film is now VERY OLD.....and unless it has been frozen all these long years (Svema B&W and others were discontinued by 1991/1992), it will have lost significant film speed.  Since your camera is a basic Super 8mm, the workaround would be to push process the film for the speed loss, but again, the other issue is also age fog, which would require pull processing to compensate.  Since it's a less than 50/50 gamble that you'll get anything you'll be pleased with, my suggestion is to just look for something else.  IF the price is dirt cheap (less than half of what a new roll of B&W film would cost factoring in the postage as well), and you are willing to take the risk, AND, are even willing to maybe process the film yourself.....then it might be worth it.  Via self processing, you can snip off a short segment and see how it does processed normally, then factor in compensation to process the rest of the film.  The first few feet you could shoot of a gray chart with something else in the frame, so you can figure out how best it would look.  Then go ahead and shoot whatever you want.  These first few feet can be snipped off and processed a few different ways:  B&W Negative in a continuous tone Developer, B&W Reversal, B&W High Contrast to compensate for age fog, and a variety of the above with whatever Push or Pull processing you determine.  OR, find a lab that can do a snip test for you, make a determination from that and process the rest for you. The extra cost though would negate getting this junky old film in the first place.  I feel these old USSR era films are best suited for self processing and experimentation.  Good luck!

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On 9/10/2019 at 10:22 PM, Martin Baumgarten said:

(Svema B&W and others were discontinued by 1991/1992)

Dear Martin,

SVEMA, Shostka and TASMA, Kazan had continued to made light-sensitive and magnetic tape materials right after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. SVEMA also made OEM manufacture for a while.

There was a huge demand for 16mm color reversal stocks by TV stations in the former republics other than Russia since the video systems were obsolete (mainly LOMO equipment) or not available yet. Not to mention the other types of materials in various formats for studios and archival news gathering purposes. Imported stocks were few and available to the bigger privileged enterprises like MOSFILM, ORT (State-run CHANNEL 1), etc.

I was a technical manager at a company, which also operates a film lab, and in connection with those manufacturers to import raw stock for budget film productions here in Turkey. However, it was so difficult to deal with them for business as the activity of the foreign trade enterprise responsible for chemical exports in Moscow was stopped (turmoil).

Then I have been in many republics to find stocks the lab needs. I bought a very good Russian book about processing Soviet films since I can read Russian. Here we were stopping the reversal process of the 90 GOST Tungsten color reversal (Och-90L) in the first step to get negative results only with the native EI decreased.

SVEMA in the early 90's had made a color negative that can be processed with the ECN-2.

All the Best,


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