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Arri 16SR 11 pin fisher connector remote start

Bernhard Kipperer

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Could anyone please tell me how the remote start/stop is handled on the Arri 16SR?

To my understanding, there is the 11 pin fisher socket and according to a diagram I have found, pin 7 would be used for start/stop, 9 for ground and 11 for +12.6V.

Nothing more is mentioned there however. Is ground and +12.6V used to supply the attached etxernal device?

How is starting/stopping achieved? Is pin 7 being pulled high shortly (To what voltage? Connected to pin 11?) to trigger a start and pulled again to stop it? Or is it signalled differently?


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Remote start/stop is activated by connecting pin 7 to the +12V on pin 11. It's been many years so I can't remember if it only needs to be a momentary connection or a constant one.. I think maybe it was constant on SR1s and 2s and momentary on (3 pin RS socket) SR3s..

12V accessories are powered off pin 9 and 11.

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