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Aaton 35-iii package $8000

Chris Flurry

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This camera is a former panavision rental camera and was my C-Body on the feature film "Queen & Slim" we shot over 30,000 feet of film on this body with zero issues. It has just been serviced by Andre Martin and set up for PL mount with a super35 2.35/1.85 GG installed.

Package includes:

1-Aaton 35-iii

4-Aaton 400' Magizines

2-15mm Aaton mini rods (1 pair)

1-Aaton Color video tap

1-Aaton B&W video tap (Backup)

1-2.35/ 1.85 GG

1-2.35 Anamorphic GG

1-1.78/ TV GG

1- 2.35/ TV shades GG

1-short heater eyepeice

1-medium eyepeice

1-Long heater eyepeice

2-Power color video power cables

2-B&W video power cables

1-Heater eyepeice / video pwr "Y" cable

1-Orgin C TC box (untested) 

Aaton handles

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