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Éclair Caméflex tearing sprocket holes

robbie Land

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Recently noticed last two rolls 400’ mags yesterday and today taking mag off there is a collection of film chips bottom of gate area. This is a first for me with this camera. Two different magazines “loaded properly “ . 

Anyone with guess or idea what’s happening here. 

Thanks for any help. 


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To be honest, I'm not at all familiar with Cameflexes. Apart from playing with a display one we had in the foyer of a rental house I worked at, I've barely seen one. But certain things apply to all film cameras. Have you had it serviced at all? Does it need lubrication? Have you cleaned the gate? Is the mag take-up tension and pressure plate force within tolerance? (Though if 2 separate mags had the same problem it's probably not a mag issue)

I know the CM3 needs fairly regular lubrication, I think this manual goes into it a bit:

https://www.bbceng.info/additions/2016/TI_F6_Eclair cameflex 16_35-mm Motion-picture Camera.pdf

But to focus specifically on film chips in the gate area, that usually happens if the claw is hitting outside the perfs or tearing the film instead of sliding it along, which means the film is sticking in the gate or the claw tip is damaged or the loop length is wrong.

If you're confident the loading was correct, you (or a technician if the camera needs a service) just need to carefully go over all the important parts to check for deformation, wear or contamination. Check that film slides smoothly through the gate for instance with the claw retracted. Check that the spring loaded guide on the side of the film channel isn't sticky or exerting too much side pressure. Check that the mag pressure plates aren't pressing too hard on the film. Check that the claw tip isn't damaged. Check that there is no misalignment with sprockets in the mags, or tightness in film channels, etc.

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Thanks all for your assistance. This weekend I’m running dummy film through to alienate the issue. I more than appreciate your comments and experience to assist and resolve this concerning  Matter in order to get this fab camera back in motion  

Hoping to shoot a project in next couple months,  but this sprocket tearing derailed my plans.

thanks for all your help.

-robbie. .


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