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Guess The Setup game!

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On 12/17/2019 at 9:44 PM, Guillaume Cottin said:

Hi everyone,

How about we play a little game? You post a screenshot of one of your shots, and everyone must guess what was the lighting setup. Whoever has the closest guess wins one point. Let's see if this little game takes off! Let me start with something easy.



I'm gonna say natural light at the end of the tunnel, and just the handheld lamps for the warm light.

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3 hours ago, Mei Lewis said:

a tungsten source low down just the other side of the figures and a small amount of practical light from their lamps. 

That is correct! We had a 800w redhead on a boom bounced on the ground. It was on a magic gadgets flicker box.

3 hours ago, Phil Rhodes said:

Those look like real flames in the lamps, so kerosene lanterns, maybe.

Light at the far end could be natural or artificial.

Tough to tell on a fairly low-key frame like that but I don't think it's Alexa. 

The practical lights are real flames indeed, but they weren’t giving enough exposure. 

The light at the end of the tunnel is an HMI, probably a 1200 PAR, the stand is hidden behind a 6x6 or 8x8 silk or something. Half the bean on the silk and the other half hitting the tunnel. That tunnel was so long, and the shadows from this HMI were so long as well, that moving the light at the other end of the tunnel even very slightly would produce a really disorienting effect

21 minutes ago, Jan Tore Soerensen said:

I'm gonna say natural light at the end of the tunnel, and just the handheld lamps for the warm light.

I’m proud to say, everything was fake. The lamps art department found were so dim that the light wouldn’t actually light much at all. The effect on the hands and faces and wall is all the redhead.


Mei Lewis is the closest!

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