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V-Mount for Bolex H16 EL

Francesco Cantoro

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You could get a V Mount plate with a 4pin xlr cable or whatever the proprietary bolex socket is. Even if you just bought the plate with whatever plug, you could get that chopped off and solder on the Bolex plug amd voila. Then you could attach the plate on to the body somehow. Hope it helps.

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9 hours ago, Gregory Barnes said:

Hi Francesco - did you end up doing this? I have an H16 EL and I'm thinking of following the same route. 




Hi Gregory,

Nope, I ended up re celling the original batteries to power the camera. 

I mounted some 15mm rods to add a v mount battery to power up other accessories like video assist, teradek, focus motors etc.

Hope it helped!


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Amazing. Thanks for all this info Francesco. Can I ask why you opted away from V mount battery solutions? I've got a D-tap to Tuchel getting custom made at the moment, and I'm just a little wary of the 14.8v FXLion battery supplying the 12v Bolex. (My knowledge of electrics is very slim)...

Thanks again for the Video Assist heads up!


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