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  1. It was intentional. I went for texture and played with focus selectively. In the beginning of the clip, the idea with playing with focus was to accentuate the grittiness and also the claustrophobia of the the place. I shot quite a bit of stuff through dirty windows etc as well.
  2. So I would like to share this raw footage from my recent travel to MN. Most of this footage will be incorporated into two different projects as cutaways etc. I just applied Kodak 2883 print film lut as I enjoy photochemical finish. hope you enjoy. https://vimeo.com/347396244
  3. Hello all, I'm selling my Pal CEI IV video tap with power cable.I need to sell it asap. The item is in perfectly operational condition. It does not have a lens. Asking price is 250 dollars. The item is located in Los Angeles. Thank you for your interest. P.s. I can't attach a picture, if interested, pm me and I will email you a couple of pictures. If you're in the area, we can arrange a meeting so you can see the item before purchasing. Thank you.
  4. You have to put marks and pull accordingly or if its a free flow, you can get some reference marks and judge the distance by eye in relations to your mark and also, pulling focus is matching the subjects speed and the numbers should fall in place if you can match your speed to the subject.
  5. Aaton a-minima is a fine camera but I would only use it as a b cam. The viewfinder doesnt rotate, loud - comparison to an txt prod or an sr3 and takes special film.
  6. You dont need a pin registration. Pin registration on 16 cameras isnt like on 35 where you have two pins to hold the film steady. The registration pin acts more like a stopper rather than full on registration like on 35 cameras. Aaton doesnt use registration pins but hast one of the best registration. As long as your camera is up to specs, the registration shouldnt really be an issue.
  7. Hey you can pm me. I mostly shoot on film and have a ready sync sound Arri 35 camera and a Cooke 20-100 lens as well. And I have connections for Film scanning and purchasing that Id like to run by you. If interested, send me a message. Good luck.
  8. It looks very cool. Does it flicker? Did you have to put any additional hardware to make it work aside from the lens adapter? Also, does the image fill the entire screen on monitors or does it have black bars on either sides?
  9. As long as the camera is well balanced, the weight is your friend actually. F900 is not that heavy so a well balanced camera should make it easier for you.
  10. Miguel, actually the Irishman is being shot on Film not digital. Whatever people prefer and are allowed to shoot on is what one has to make work - whether it is digital or film. Happy holidays.
  11. I would over expose the molten metal within the limits of your camera where it appears maybe a bit lighter orange. Something burning like fire etc should be overexposed to give the feeling of hotness. I would light the talent with a soft light, and underexpose by a stop and a half.
  12. It's funny that you say that about the original one being a box office flop David. It reminds me of the Shawshank Redemption that got limited distribution etc - complete flop but yet it's perceived as like a masterpiece nowadays. And I agree... SR is one of the film's that is long but I wish it was even longer. Hopefully the Blade Runner wil not be a disappointment ugh...
  13. I really like the video Tyler, solid work.
  14. Super 16 cropped to 2:40 aspect ratio would still be less grainy and sharper than u16 as the image area on the negative is larger than an u16 image area.
  15. Ultra 16 is actually a smaller frame than super 16 by 10 percent or so.
  16. Plus, you should be making more on the commercial too.
  17. I wouldn't have all those markings on one groundglass to be honest. Especially if you're shooting something with critical framing, to me it feels like, I would get confused at some point.
  18. I just watched the movie on film print at arclight in Hollywood. The cinematography was great but the movie was just awful. I didn't care about any of the actors as the character development doesn't exist. Another one of those, shot on x gimmick movies. "Shot on IMAX" - well maybe, but where is the story?.... I've seen deeper and more meaningful short films in comparison to this movie. The movie has no substance other than "shot on IMAX" and other technical achievements.
  19. When you crop 3 and 4 perf, you crop vertically. Field of view has more to do with horizontal angle of viewing.
  20. Nothing wrong with it. I like s8 as s8. I wouldn't try to replicate 16 with s8. I would shoot it for its own aesthetics.
  21. The new camera doesn't look any different than a 50 dollar s8 camera in my opinion. Then again, what could you expect from super8? It's a consumer product and love its quality for what it is.
  22. http://m.ebay.com/itm/182641055333
  23. I agree with Adam. I love the film negative's respond to underexposure. Jacob's Ladser is one of my favorite movies. It's such a trippy movie.
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