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Russian Eyemo, German Askania and Arriflex 35 WWII cameras restore and shooting

Stanislav Schubert

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We continue to restore the old movie cameras of the Second World War and shoot videos reminiscent of newsreels of the 1940s on them. We use the American Bell & Howell Eyemo cameras and the German hand crank camera  Askania 1930s. We shoot 35 mm black-and-white Russian film Tasma and German AFFA aerial photograph. Soon we will repair the Arriflex 35 camera of the Third Reich and remove its historical reconstruction WWII. Watch our "military" video review



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It was September ... A news about the opening of a Monument to war cameramen in Krasnogorsk in 2020.

This newsreel, completely filmed on 35 mm black-and-white film, with Bell&Howell Eyemo (KS-50) cameras during the WW2, is dedicated to the memory of Soviet war cameramen. The opening of the monument took place in September 2020 in Krasnogorsk, where many famous Soviet cinema cameras and cameras were produced. There is also the main repository of newsreels and documentaries of our country - the Russian State Archive of Film and Photo Documents. This story on film and in digital format will also be preserved in this archive.
We thank the Film Processing Laboratory of the Mosfilm Film Concern, RGAKFD and personally director Natalya Kalantarova and deputy Rimma Moiseeva, military history clubs "The Living History" and "Sturmovik", personally Alexander Stepanov, Vladimir Kozlov, Rafael Khayretdinov and Ella Davletshina. Authors - Anatoly Antonov, Stanislav Schubert. The text reads merit. Russian artist Evgeny Vazhenin. Film reels AGFA Aviafot PAN 200


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NEW my video about old film cameras WWII time and my together Anatoly Antonov's creative activity 

Russian cinematographers Anatoly Antonov and Stanislav Schubert arrived in Krasnogorsk near Moscow to film the opening ceremony of the world's first monument to front-line cameramen on film, with Aymo cameras, during the Second World War, as a tribute to the memory of front-line cameramen. On September 4, the opening of the monument took place, which was attended by the children and grandchildren of front-line cameramen of the Great Patriotic War, as well as Nikita Mikhalkov, Alexey Uchitel and other filmmakers. Novosibirsk filmmakers with cameras of the war years, dressed in uniforms from the times of the Great Patriotic War, "cheered" Muscovites, who did not guess before such an action and were dumbfounded. Like 75 years ago, Siberians came to Moscow with help. Siberians strike back! Filmed with old 35 mm cameras, the film was developed in the Mosfilm laboratory, now the film with this chronicle is given for eternal storage to the Russian State Archive of Film and Photo Documents (RGAKFD, Krasnogorsk). 

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