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  1. it is so suprising this movie won best cinematography wow what a times we living in. Also i mentioned exact timeframes in previous page :) thought something wrong with the netflix there were drastic exposure changes during that beach scene.Now you guys say it wasnt a single take lol :D
  2. probably on these timecode where they stitched the scene you can see the flicker at least on Dolby vision 4K format i was watching. 2:00:04 2:02:24
  3. Same with Fuji vs Kodak right? Also Kodak updated negatives,EXR,Vision,Vision2,3..Like M>MX>Dragon> etc. they are always improving something.
  4. If you guys gonna say Chivo said that etc. Why on earth chivo shoots photos on his Nikon D810 then? all of his photos i can see greater dynamic range
  5. Oh poop? Even it has same cinematography :( ultra wide angle close ups and exhalation on lens.
  6. who is the main 1st AC on this movie? seen this second time yesterday and it was Imax.So many out of focus shots really distracted me.Btw i really dont understand how this becomes big thing for cinematography, almost %90 of movie shot on magic hour and of course its gonna look cool and beatiful with natural light only.
  7. http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=69474
  8. biggest disappointment of the year so far.Leo is 10/10 but the movie is barely below 5/10.
  9. 6:5 is gonna be new 4:3 in future. from ALEXA SXT Faq; 6:5? What the hell? I thought you needed 4:3 for anamorphic? The 4:3 aspect ratio was originally left over from the film days, and now has been put to good use by VFX-heavy feature films. Anamorphic lenses don't actually need the full width of the 4:3 image; they squeeze the 2.39:1 image by a factor of 2, and the resulting area used on the sensor has a 1.195:1 aspect ratio, which is roughly 1.2:1, which is 6:5. When shooting with anamorphic lenses in 4:3 sensor mode, you always have to crop the extra area to the left and right of the image in post, an extra processing step that is avoided by shooting in 6:5. In the ALEXA XT cameras with SUP 11 we have introduced this mode, however, there it was still called '4:3 Cropped', but that is the same thing as the ALEXA SXT/SXR 6:5 sensor mode http://www.arri.com/camera/alexa/learn/alexa_sxtsxr_faq/
  10. I was watching new Fantastic Four trailer and i guess they changed their mind went with green color on new trailer. http://imgur.com/a/7R0t4 Who is responsible for this? Do you think cinematographer created visual style for orange then changed his mind? Or he dont even know they changed whole color palette of movie.Hows these things working on blockbuster %90 CGI Superhero movies?
  11. Dynamic Range and Resolution.Oh i forgot low light ;) Alexa beats film every day in every situation.
  12. In my country market is saturated with Alexas.Red Epic Dragons are few and daily rentals is about 2000 TRY in a day while Alexa 4:3 Studio goes from 1500 a day.
  13. You saying Red should stop making cameras and left that one to Arri which is in the market more than 70 years ?
  14. if thats a 4x5.65 Tray %100 you can place 4x4 filter inside that.
  15. There is article about this movie (Blackhat) on February 15 ASC magazine.
  16. Its a nice price..GL with the sale Lori (Lori is a trusted seller from Reduser also)
  17. Slow West DP: Robbie Ryan Looks damn good! Cinematography and colors are awesome
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