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Arriflex 435 huge set - €4900

Matej Pok

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Arriflex 435 ES
- 4-perf,  IVS video assist PAL, FEM (functionality expansion module), TimeCode module, Arriglow module
- Base plate BP-8 + dovetail plate + 19mm rods long, short
3x 400ft magazine + case
1x 400ft magazine (35-III model)
3x 200ft magazine  + case
finder extension FE-3
finder extension FE-5
ground glass + arriglow:
- super35 2,35
- super35 1,85
- super35 silent gate 1,33
- normal35 2,35
- normal35 1,85
- normal35 1,33
P+S Technik uRC
- remote control for speed ramps
Video-top 100% + SCA-2 (for steadicam low-mount)
EasyLOOK video-assist system
- digital system for recording and playback
- generates Quicktime files on HDD
- wireless option
Transvideo TITAN
transmitter + receiver set for analog SD wireless video
Transvideo Rainbow II 6,5” monitor
- bright PAL monitor
- anamorphic desqueze support
Camera is located in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, EU
Shipping within European Union will cost €550
Shipping outside EU is not possible at the moment.
In case of personal pickup, I can supply old Kodak film stock (10 rolls) for free.
Payment via PayPal, incl. buyer´s protection.
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Hi Matej Pok 

thanks for your  reply about the Arri 535b Camera outfit 

l see your listing for your Arri 435es  Camera outfit 

would  everything in your listing be included?

Arri 535b is 4 perf  it comes With 5x1000ft magazines 

3x400ft  steady cam magazines 

short viewfinder and long extension 

power cables

will send detailed pictures 



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